’Segun Awosanya (SEGA), is the CEO of Aliensmedia, which he co-founded in 2002. Aliensmedia is a futuristic brand, media and technology ...

’Segun Awosanya (SEGA), is the CEO of Aliensmedia, which he co-founded in 2002. Aliensmedia
is a futuristic brand, media and technology initiative climbing in the lead of the technology consumer/business world with its revolutionary approach to diverse business solutions and trainings.

He is a Masters Degree Holder from the prestigious University of Lagos, in the Department of Estate Management and he’s currently researching his PhD on Environmental sustainability while pursuing other areas of interest pertaining to Criminal Law, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous cars and Mobile App development and digital business management advisory across platforms.

A disciplined result oriented, energetic creative and technical director, media marketing consultant, broadcast engineer and realtor with over 18 years track record of creating and developing highly successful and innovative advertising, brand, reputation/perception/crisis management, information communication technology (ICT) technical support and direct marketing campaigns (driven by strategy and powered by business objectives).

His strength include developing and delivering total value proposition strategy documents, user centric designs, brand development/reincarnation on diverse media and excellent implementation of skills across a variety of platforms with a proven record in training, managing teams and building and maintaining client relationship.

Segun Awosanya (SEGA) is a Realtor (landlaw focused) Civil Rights and Institutional Reforms Advocate, futuristic Brand, Media, Technology, Research, Business and Strategic Consultant, who is also deeply involved in social engineering and Nation building via his numerous advocacies that has helped Nigerians find succor. He enlightens young Nigerians daily from his @segalink Twitter handle towards political awareness, socio-economic development, political literacy and National integration. 

He is the Executive Director of the globally acclaimed Social Intervention advocacy foundation (SIAF) geared towards strengthening Institutions and creating a platform for social integration in Nigeria (#EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG).

Segun Awosanya facilitated, influenced as well as impacted visibly the Nigerian socio-political space from 2014 till date via various social engineering advocacies towards better society ranging from; Politically weaponized Disinformation Countering strategic communication Online drive (#WeTriumphStill), Peaceful resolution drive after a volatile election of 2015 (#BeTheChange #WatchTheChange).

He continued to freely educate and enlighten the public via Twitter as consistently done in the past 10years with successful direct intervention in bridging institutional gaps between the people and government. A few of these advocacies are; 

#NIS2000 - An intervention into the unjustly sacked recruits of the Nigerian Immigration Service, which successfully got 888 of the 2000 officers re-absorbed into the system in 2016.

#ePassportScam - This was another intervention in 2016 that thwarted the disruption of the National ePassport scheme of the country by political interests.

#EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG - An ongoing advocacy focusing on the reformation of the Criminal Justice System via legislative reforms and the scrap of rogue arm of the police (SARS) that is currently threatening the sovereignty of the country and the general civilization of our society.

#ResponsibleParenting - An ongoing Online campaign that uses satire to educate parents on responsible parenting while highlighting what constitute parental negligence, child abandonment, false imprisonment, child right Act breach etc.

#EndBankingFraud #BankingReform - An ongoing Online campaign that steps into the institutional gaps in the banking sector holding banks accountable to depositors on multiple grounds and curbing institutional arrogance, condescending customer relations and providing free legal representation in the interest of frustrated depositors/citizens.

#CriminalizeEstimatedBilling - This is an ongoing campaign that advocates for the passing of the bill that criminalizes estimated Billings thus forcing DISCOS to facilitate the effective supply of prepaid meters to Nigerians or forfeit the payments in households with no prepaid metering.

His effective Advocacies are renowned for their mastery in the deployment affirmative action in galvanizing the political will of the people enough to bring about the needed change thus raising a critical mass of transformational leaders and enlightened followers who are easy to govern, difficult to rule and impossible to enslave.

He presently consults for several firms, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in and out of the country on technology, business strategy, strategic communication, real estate investments/wealth management, personal development, crisis/perception management, soft skills and media matters. He sits on several boards of reputable firms across diverse interests and sectors in the capacity of Chief Strategist, President, Vice President, Brand Consultant, Chief Technology Adviser etc. He is happily married to Odezi Awosanya (an Estate Surveyor & Valuer) and they both have a charming son Jaden Adeoluwa Uzoezi and a beautiful princess Ayla Adeola Eniyome.

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  1. If you read this comments can we talk more in private?

  2. You are a great man Sir. Glad to know more about you. Your profile motivates.

  3. You are indeed an example to emulate.
    Great leader.

  4. I wish stop supporting PDP nor APC to exonerate the goodwill in you.

  5. The value you have added to the lives of many on twitter,can't be quantified. Great profile u have up there!

  6. Came to read profile to find out your relationship with #responsibleparenting and child right,..seems like I will need my glasses to see it...will be right back

  7. I just need @sega number pls,anyone can help

  8. Man of the people. May God continue to keep you safe.

  9. A great man indeed, can I have your digits @segalink

  10. Sir check ur Twitter sir. I sent you a link DM

  11. An epitome of service in human form.

  12. A mentor & an embodiment of humility!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. May God continue to strengthen you in your struggle to help humanity. You are a rare man.

  15. A true man of integrity, an epitome of wisdom and knowledge, Nigerians own Mandela. May God bless you and guide you from the lunatics in power.

  16. Sir, only God can reward you for everything you have done for humanity. We can only appreciate you. Your selflessness and humility are worthy of emulation.

  17. a mentor and life inspiring coach

  18. Wonderful. I have great affinity for your dream. It's great you are in this nation and that's hope for average Nigerians

  19. Good day sir, I see your good works and I have been trying to reach you on twitter. I have sent the details to this email, with trinityfarm3@yahoo.com.
    We want you to speak at Teen leadership conference in June.
    Thank you sir

  20. An insightful read potent enough to rekindle the spirit of the reader.

  21. Hello Good evening Sir. How is work and Family? Please i want you to kindly look into this issue to see if there is a case here.... Someone's appointment was terminated unduly. The company calculated his remuneration and they were supposed to have paid him off. They pleaded till last month end and up till now they are not saying anything about it. What do you advise should be done in this case sir??

  22. SEGA L'éveilleur® I need your Gmail address or contact information

  23. Sir, Can i have your email address ?

  24. Please can I get your email address, needs your advice and directions over a matter boiling up now in my family.
    Please needs your reply soon
    mine: sonofmanokoye@gmail.com

  25. You are a man every positive minded person should emulate, you have thought a lot of people directly and indirectly, and am proud to be one of them.. You are highly respected my distinguish leader....



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