My Out of Body Experience; Excerpts from Sega Awosanya's "Pages of Life"- @segalink

My first out of body experience was in about 14years ago at the University of LAGOS. There was this Surveying Class (SVY) we go up camp...

My first out of body experience was in about 14years ago at the University of LAGOS. There was this Surveying Class (SVY) we go up campus for, taught by a cold hearted, thin framed, expressionless sociopath (they called their ilk born again Christians in those days). The class brought together all engineering students and it was our only 3unit course at the time so failure is not an option unless you plan to spend an extra year in school. 

From the village of students that trooped into the studio once a week, one can tell how many generations are present based on the number of old people coming to take classes, some ladies, with their nannies holding on to their kids outside the class. So the threat was imminent that it wasn't a class to toy with. Needless to say that the class was more or less an oven, staged in a theater fashion. The earliest I've ever been got me a seat on the second to the last row and if you get lucky enough for the man to arrive before you, you won't be allowed to enter. 

Attendance was mandatory. If you didn't make 60% you can as well kiss exams goodbye. So getting your name on the list at each session is also an exam on its own. The man has a demonic slow-mo movement that threatened our being each time he gave inaudible instructions and those lucky souls that sat in the front close to him were mostly worshipped for feedback and scoops on what we may have missed. 

Long story short, there was this very day that the man decided to give us a test. We were tensed up and prepared like it was an exam into paradise. We sat in our usual classroom arrangement and prayerfully wrote our hearts out. When he asked us to stop writing many had barely begun. So at his instruction for us to submit there was a stampede...he started his evil slow movement as we climbed over each other to get our papers submitted at the least. I actually did very well, I impressed myself a great deal and crowned my effort by submitting my paper with a grin on my face. 

Minutes after the guy made it to his office (which was out of bounds to students regardless of your emergency)...I was about narrating the ordeal to my fellow bookworms when I noticed I was standing on a sheet of paper with my handwriting on it! was my test script! My heart sunk. I prayed for death (not for me but for all of us). I wanted the world to end that very day even as my colleagues looked at me with sympathy. Eh yah...sorry. They too knew there was no hope again especially with this Devil of a lecturer. 

I wasn't ready to go down quietly as I felt something leap inside of me. I walked straight to the man's office without breathing, blinking or slow motion. I was deaf, I was numb but I neither flinched nor hesitated. I knocked on his door and he answered in shock...wondering who would dare... I walked in and closed the door behind me. Meanwhile my colleagues were gasping for breath outside wondering what fate held for me. 

My eyes were heavy with tears as I showed the man my script as found on the floor. He looked straight into my eyes...I could feel his cold demonic spirit searching through my soul to see if there be guile in it. Then he said "I saw you when you must have fallen, if not you won't dare come in here to submit after I've shut my door" he took it signed on it and asked me to go. 

I regained my consciousness when I got out of range of his office. My colleagues couldn't believe their eyes that I went into the Lion's den and made it out. I had an A in that course all through my brief stint in that faculty but will never forget the day I stared  into the eyes of a Demon (I never knew his name). Excerpt from SEGA Awosanya's soon to be published "Pages Of Life".


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