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“Friends and Colleagues celebrates Sega Awosanya as he turns a year older.” @segalink SEGA (’Segun Awosanya) , is a disciplined result o...

“Friends and Colleagues celebrates Sega Awosanya as he turns a year older.” @segalink

SEGA (’Segun Awosanya), is a disciplined result oriented, energetic creative and technical director, media marketing consultant, estate surveyor & Valuer of repute, crisis controller, reputation manager, and broadcast engineer with over 15 years track record of creating and developing highly successful and innovative advertising, brand, information technology technical support and direct marketing campaigns (driven by strategy and powered by business objectives). SEGA is a member of Branding, Technology & Social Media, Computer Vision, Knowledge Management , Processes in Social Network, Reputation, identity and trust Social Networks, Social Networks – Web 2.0 – NWOW, Twitter and Microblogging, Papers Writing and Research.

Below are the goodwill messages sent in by Passionate Nigerians who has benefited Tremendously from his magnanimity;

If there was a book called 101 ways to be a great person, I would dedicate it to you!
Prof. Sega Awosanya, you are more like a big brother to me. I remember the first time we met, and you said to me, “Sandy, you are a great lady, keep smiling and keep being you”

Prof. Sega is a very kind and considerate individual who is always looking for ways to bless other people both old and young. He is totally detribalized and is able to operate under any condition be it condition of comfort or otherwise. Most of all, Sega is a genuine Christian who practices what he believes. He blesses all who come in contact with him with substance, he counsels the young and lowly, encourages the downtrodden and lifts the weak financially and physically. He is kind and honest to his friends.

My prayer for you today is that the good Lord will help you to continue affecting your generation and humanity positively and like Abraham, that as you grow older, so shall your strength be.

I celebrate you Sir.
Thank you for being a good friend, confidant and counselor.
Happy birthday prof. Sega Awosanya (@segalink)
Sandra Ibeh (@sandrasandygold)

Happy Birthday Sega,
You are a reflection of God’s love
Touching and changing many lives
We celebrate you today
Praying that the years continue to be good to you.
Baroness Lami (@Iamiebony)

Barely a Month after One Mr Paul (Slim P) Introduced me to Prof. @segalink , My mindset on ICT has improved positively.
Prof. @segalink Made me to realize the hidden Potentials in me and tap into them, in his words he will always say to me “My genius machine. I’m proud of you”
As you Celebrate your Birthday Today Sir, My wish is for the Good Lord to continue Enriching you in Health, wealth and wisdom, May you continue to impact positively into young Nigerians.
Skiwo (@Skiwo)

Happy Birthday prof Sega
A lot of positive attributes dropping off you to people like us that you mentor
You have been a great friend as well
So, also I will love to remind you of how a blessing vessel to humanity you have been politically and socially. God bless you more for us.
FortifiedMoses (@fortifiedmoses)

The person who knows how to communicate and does it better than anyone else, receives the crown he merits. If he raises all his energy to that end, he is a benefactor of mankind and is rewarded as such. Sega, thank you for all you have done for Nigeria
RadicalYouthman. (@RadicalYouthman)

You are an unassuming personality who has left various assumptions in people mind.
To some you are simply sega whose patriotism for his country is to help others become relevant, to others you are Segalinks who reduced to retreat but stand against every evil that attempts to mislead the innocent, to yet another group you are prof sega who is comfortable only when he has succeeded in releasing much of his wisdom to others.
To the proud and arrogant you are a torn, but to the humble and humane you are a trusted guidance. Yet, you love all and seeks everyone’s good and progress.
A boss per excellence who calls people young enough to be your children bosses. A rare symbol of humility in every consideration. You are a reality of what God called “Good” when he created MAN.
You are Sega Awosanya, happy birthday segalicious Sega.
Isiaka Steven (@IsiakaSteven)

‎It gives me great pleasure, to join the entire “Jonathanians” family in paying tributes to our beloved brother Sega. Prof. Sega, is a great believer in National Unity. His believe that leadership must do everything to preserve our unity and shun all that threatened it is a salient ethical and ideological beacon, which will continue to inspire all of us.
Dear Professor Sega, I have a few pieces of wisdom and advice for you to think about as the years go by.
First,Forget about the past — because you can’t change it.
Forget about the future — because you can’t predict it.
And forget about the present – because I didn’t get you one. (Smile) Happy Birthday sir #WeTriumphStill - Agada Shalom Theophils. (@Shalomttheo)

Uncle Sega, if friendship were to come with a price tag, I know that I would not be able to afford you!
Wishing you long life and prosperity.
Happy birthday
Speaker Emeritus (@el_lazarus)

Years spent so far in this world have been so amazing in my life. I’ve smiled, I’ve laughed, I’ve screamed, I’ve cried, I’ve been down, I’ve been up and above all I’m grateful to God almighty . He deserves nothing but praise, praise and continuous praise. I’m more than happy for the blessings, mercies and favours he’s bestowed on you and your family over the years. He might not have given you all you wanted, but at least He sent all that you needed, and that what matters most to you now. I’ve been and will continue to share my joy with you fortunate and share my happiness with those who need encouragement, share my laughter with those who have not heard any in such a long time, share my tears with those who have forgotten how to cry, share my faith and hope to those who have none.
I wish you a happy Birthday celebration Sir
Ochinanwata 1 (@mr_ochonogor)

Happy birthday to a great man, a leader, a prof and a role model!
Lord Sega, May God make you bigger and greater
Long life and prosperity
MLT (@McRenceMLT)

It has meant a lot to me to work with someone as kind, steady and competent as you
…May you have another year of good times and great accomplishments. Here’s to the boss!‎
-Moses Hauteman (@iamyomimosesfab)

Happy birthday to one of the coolest dudes I know. Wishing you many more blessed years. Have a blast
 ~ Yinkus (@Tyinkusmeme)

Here’s to wish my cerebral brother, a co pilot, an extra ordinary gentleman, a true patriot and a professor of words a happy birthday. May your biggest dreams come true. 
-Prince CBN (@PrinceCbn)

I’ve never really been close to Sega Awosanya but he has my tremendous respect for his dogged commitment to whatever cause he chooses and he is one of whom I can comfortably say “I am glad to be on the same side with him”. His is a brilliant mind: highly cerebral but also with a keen understanding of human behaviour which makes him a natural leader with a good sense of organisation. With someone like him at the head of any team, coordination is sure to be present. I join my voice there with that of many others to wish Sega a Happy Birthday and as I tweeted earlier today, may God keep you till the end of time and may your mind always be strong.
Demola Rewaju (@DemolaRewaju)

‎It was my birthday.. A special day.. But you made it come alive when you hosted the G50 crew and I. Today, I want to tell you how grateful I am to have you as a friend and team mate. Happy birthday, OUR Sega. We love you! We appreciate you! And we are so proud of you! Happy birthday!
May Ubeku (@Maybeks)

Compiled by Sandra Ibeh


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