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We often can't term anything bad unless we have a mental picture of that which is good. Thus, by branding something bad we are inadverte...

We often can't term anything bad unless we have a mental picture of that which is good. Thus, by branding something bad we are inadvertently comparing it with something else however unstated. 

The disillusionment with the pursuit of the good does not involve the evil of stagnation as its necessary alternative. Thus, most times choosing is absurd because there is no choice. 

From this point of view one can see the sun in the midst of the rain, even scoop clear waters from the heart of the fire. But the viewpoint is not fatalistic, it is not simply submission to the inevitability of sweating when it is hot, shivering when it is cold, eating when hungry and sleeping when tired. 

Submission to date implies someone who submits. Someone who is a helpless puppet of circumstances and amongst my kind (people who think like I do) there is no such person. 

The duality of subject and object, Leader and the led, Knower and the Known, is seen to be just as relative, as mutual and as inseparable as every other. We do not sweat because it is hot, the sweating is the heat, it is just as true to say that the sun is light because of the eyes as to say that the eyes see the light because of the sun. The viewpoint is unfamiliar because it is our settled convention to think that heat comes first and then by causality the body sweats. 

To put it in another way is as startling as saying butter and bread instead of bread and butter. An ancient sage once said Fire does not wait for the sun to be hot nor the wind for the moon to be cool. This shocking and seeming illogical reversal of common sense can perhaps be clarified by the age long expression of The Moon on The Water which is also representational of the Human Experience. 

The water is the subject and the Moon the object. When there is no water there's no moon in the water and likewise when there's no moon. But when the moon rises the water does not wait to receive its image and even when the tiniest drop of water is poured out the moon does not wait to cast its reflection. 

For the moon does not intend to cast its reflection and the water does not reflect its image on purpose. The event is caused as much by the water as by the moon and as the water manifests the brightness of the moon, the moon manifests the clarity of the water. 

To put it less poetically, human experience is determined as much by the nature of the mind and the structure of its senses as by the external object whose presence the mind reveals. 

Men feel themselves to be victims or puppets of their experience, because they separate themselves from their minds. Thinking that the nature of the mind-body is something involuntarily thrust upon them. They think that they did not ask to be born, did not ask to be sensitive organisms, to be frustrated by alternating pleasure and pain. 

When we are no longer identified with the idea of ourselves (conceited) the entire relationship between subject and object, leader and the led, knower and the known undergoes a sudden and revolutionary change, it becomes a real relationship, a mutuality in which the subject creates the object just as much as the object creates the subject.  

The knower no longer feels himself to be independent of the known, the leader no longer feels the led are inconsequential, the experiencer no longer feels himself to stand apart from the experience.  
Consequently the whole notion of getting something out of life, of seeking something from experience becomes absurd. 

Man's identification with his idea of himself gives him a specious and precarious sense of permanence. For this idea is relatively fixed being based upon carefully selected memories of his past. Memories which have a preserved and fixed character. But to the degree that he identifies himself with the fixed idea, he becomes aware of life as something which flows past him faster and faster, as he grows older. 

As his ideas become more rigid, more bolstered  with memories. The more he attempts to clutch the world, the more he feels it as a process in motion. 

If you're still wondering why our leaders (Pastors, Presidents, Governors, Bosses at work and husbands) act the way they do, read this again and try to understand the trend, if you can't understand it, this explains why you are a follower. If you get this, know you are an inherent leader already and avoid the pitfall. 

When firewood becomes ashes, it never returns to firewood (irreversible reaction). But we should not take the view that what is latterly ashes was formally firewood. What we should understand is firewood stays at the position of firewood. 

There are formal and latter stages and these stages are clearly cut. It is the same with life and death. The unborn is the undying. Life is a position of time likewise death. It is like rainy season and dry season. We do not say that rainy season becomes dry season. 

This is what is termed as the strange sense of timeless moments. The measuring of worth and success in terms of time and insistent demand for assurances of a promising future make it impossible to live freely both in the present and in the promising future when it arrives. 

For there is never anything but the present, and if one can not live there one can not live anywhere. What you can not do in 100days you can not do in 6 months expecting a miracle in a year or two is ludicrous unless the thought pattern is renewed. 

Happy New month and have a thoughtful Yuletide. #WeTriumphStill #BeTheChange (Excerpt from Segun SEGA Awosanya's "Call Me Crazy, but you know I'm right")


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