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Sometimes we get so carried away with our logical reasoning, we forget about finesse and the art of communication. We forget that when we...

Sometimes we get so carried away with our logical reasoning, we forget about finesse and the art of communication.

We forget that when we make the mistake of presenting raw facts with the sole focus on proving a point beyond every reasonable doubt, we are crossing the line of love and moving into the sphere of hate. Sometimes knowledge becomes a curse when we forget what it feels like not to know.

Like the experiment once conducted of tappers and listeners where some people were made to tap out their favorite song while the listeners guess what song it was. It was very frustrating for the listeners just as it was for the tappers.

How dumb can this people get? The tappers thought to themselves. The song is simple enough for anyone to figure out, they must have thought. On the other hand the listeners were sick of the cacophony wondering what the purpose of the experiment was.
To the tappers they can hear the song in their head as they feel so right about getting and communicating every beat but for the listeners it was just noise.

This is a common phenomenon when we speak through a platform such as this. Our emotions and gestures are hardly communicated but people read our posts as information, making what they will of it. This is what my research has found; that it is not worth it fighting ourselves, based on misinterpretation of opinions. Most of the time we may even be saying the same thing from different perspectives.

My proposal is simple, let us begin to communicate meaning. Write from your soul and express your innermost feelings through the art of communication using euphemisms that best gives clarification to your intent. And forget about neutralizing opposition of your opinion (whether ignorantly or in the know).
I'm equally very guilty of this too for most of my daring posts have painted a different picture of me and what I stand for. If I were to ask any of my Facebook friends who may not have met me physically before to draw a picture of their impression of me, I'm sure they will draw a Fanged Dragon complete with fire in the nostrils.

I hate no one, I'm against no one except those bent on coming against the unity of Nigerians. So don't be afraid to contribute or ask questions however stupid while I grow patience to identify genuine interests. I pray that God will continue to open our eyes to the things that are hidden so we can be better than we were yesterday.


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