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While growing up I developed the habit for absorbing information. I could listen to an entire sermon of interest and preach it back bette...

While growing up I developed the habit for absorbing information. I could listen to an entire sermon of interest and preach it back better than I heard it. The only twist was that I live by those words, they are not mere garbage in garbage out as it were for some of my revered sources (as I discovered over the years).

I grew up in the Protestant church and watched good Christian families rise and fall, good preachers also accused of propped up charges owing to envy and maliciousness in the house of God. After discovering my purpose in a living church that resonates with my spiritual growth I was beginning to feel comfortable until yet again it became clear that nothing really has changed. This informed my decision to get what I must from the gathering of worshippers and shift focus from the distractions to my responsibility as a Child of God.

Life taught me not to be too hasty to trust or admire the teachers of morality who discourse like angels, but live like mere mortals. It is interesting how acquaintances I've once enjoyed and places that I deem as a second dwelling have since become so contrary to my convictions. It's like a veil was removed from my face and I see through the chicanery lucidly. But as for the players, they continue in their usual pattern to an unsuspecting audience who are grossly hypnotized by the acts of piety and ludicrous sanctimony amidst other distractions.

For the effect there are consistent distractions in a manner that appeals to the adventurous and surely their expectations are met just as will in any club or lounge save for the spiritual caveat that compels them to comport themselves and do as told for the release of an utopian prosperity. But that's not the worst part of this charade.

Our spiritual establishments are now run like a vicious corporations with loyalities tied to the Overseer instead of the structure of the establishment fostering Christlikeness. There are many stakeholders but only one shareholder who pontificates and rule others whimsically with the don't ask don't tell policy.

The very advice they give contradicts their personal affairs and actions forgetting that there are people watching them with high expectations. The Bible says that Christ is the epistle written in our hearts read by all men. This was no error as God expects us to represent his words in our walk in life. This lackluster display of moral disregard is not limited to the churches but also to the Muslims who now radicalized youths for political exploits.

Like our religious organization like our government. Saying one thing and doing another is now a norm. It comes with no surprises these days. Politicians criticize one thing only to do worse when they get the chance and the people praise them forgetting where they were coming from. It is like a mass hypnosis in a country of Zombies with very few recessives. Gone were those days when protests we real, but in the past years I've witnessed staged protests and franchises springing from public outcry. We are now living in the movies we watch for pleasure. Never have I thought people will exploit the pains of others for political gains but it's happening as anchored by the one of the most respected in the society.
Hypocrisy will always be offended by the Truth
Our society have since mirrored this with parents giving advices to their wards but breaking the very same rule and expects compliance. The society is so broken that morals have no place in it anymore. It is perceived an anachronism for you to do the right thing where people do as they very well please.

Little wonder my days in college were so disfunctional with lecturers with emotional diturbance who makes a victim of you and blame you for their personal woes. I thought that was an isolated case until I changed institution then work experience, and later private consultancy. Nothing really has changed except for the clarity and partial understanding of our world today.

You either kill or be killed, you either look down on people or be looked down upon. You either get rich or die trying. Today, the world has become a stage for hectic competition to get the best in the shortest time while we lose sight of what we're here for.

As they say human beings are political animals scheming to satisfy themselves with power, money and sex. No gift can be said to be free without strings attached. I walk around this world order like a stranger as none of these perspectives are applicable to me. I don't care about dominating another, I don't see myself as better than anyone else, I know the arm of flesh shall continually fail and I understand God's Grace.

The problem however begins when I expect others to be or act like I do. People are different and we are not equally gifted. Even if we arguably are not everyone understands purpose and their role in this earthly soujorn. Life is a mystery and destiny is not the same as destination. Life's journey is not about arrival but the adventures along the way. When we arrive we expire and die.

It is not difficult to live right, it is not hard to act right. Once we think of ourselves less but not less of ourselves we make the world a better place. I intend to leave the world a little bit better than I met it. If we replicate the same our children's children will have no choice than to appreciate us even when we are long gone.

The legacy our founding fathers left behind must not be derelict and regardless of what we are currently going through we must not be despondent. Practice makes genius, we can, we will, we must deliver our future and make the world a better place through our words and actions.

I am no teacher neither do I pretend to be perfect but an embodiment of flaws stitched together with good intentions. I'm a fellow pilgrim in the journey of life you ask for direction who points ahead...ahead of me as well as you. We are in this together and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for saying No to Hypocrisy.


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