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Profile of Mamman Daura the Architect of rebuilding Kaduna Mafia using PMB Mamman Daura (1939) is a Nigerian journalist from Katsina S...

Profile of Mamman Daura the Architect of rebuilding Kaduna Mafia using PMB

Mamman Daura (1939) is a Nigerian journalist from Katsina State who was an editor of the New Nigerian newspaper and served as the holding company's managing director. He was briefly a member of the Oputa panel charged with investigating human right abuses in the country, he also served on the Dina committee in 1968 and the Aboyade technical committee in 1977 both committees dealt with the intractable revenue allocation.

During the aftermath of the 1983 coup, the emerging government had a few personalities who played key advisory roles, Mamman Daura was an highly influential personality during the period.

In the late 1980s, he succeeded his relative Ibrahim Dasuki as head of the African International Bank and also served as chairman of the board of the Nigerian Television Network.

He is uncle of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian president. He has succeeded in alienating PMB from the team of masses who follow PMB year in year out by helping the later's government becomes the government of Kaduna mafia.

Well, the ministerial list of PMB confirms the fear of so many, especially privileged few that know the extent of the influence of the so called Kaduna Mafia over PMB.

PMB has the moral high ground, no doubt, but his major if not only weakness is the alleged control his uncle and close confidant, Mallam Mamman Daura has and wield over him.

Mallam Mamman Daura may not be known to a lot of people but he is today by far the most powerful person in Nigeria. A bankrupt industrialist, smooth operator and an avid lover of cricket and hockey, he is not a card carrying member of any political party.

This man and a very few selected friends have been constantly and consistently in control of most of the behind the scene manoeuvres in and around the world of PMB before, during, after and if care is not taken,forever.

A few examples;

Note: All the names below are qualified for the positions but it smells of nepotism and cronyism.

1. One of the earliest appointments made by PMB is that of Ahmed Kuru as head of AMCON; Kuru was groomed in the former Habib Bank, formerly partly owned by Mallam Musa Bello, a member of the inner caucus of the Mamman Daura led Mafia.
Kuru, a reputable banker was appointed to ease the strangulation suffered by Mamman Daura and his friends regarding most of their bankrupt businesses mostly situated in kakuri industrial estate in kaduna. (The first official visit by the opportunistic kaduna governor, El Rufai, to a private company was to one of such companies).

2. Abba Kari, the presidents chief of staff is 100% a Mamman Daura lackey.

3. Aisha Abubakar, ministerial nominee from sokoto state and Alhaji Abubakar Alhaji's daughter, is another eminently qualified person who happens to be also a daughter of a blood sister of Hajia Ummu Daura, guess? yes. Mamman Daura's wife.

4. Muhammad Bello, ministerial nominee from Adamawa, coincidentally happens to be the first son of Mallam Musa Bello of Habib Bank (see 1 above))

5. Zainab Shamsuna Ahmad, ministerial nominee from Kaduna, is the daughter of Late Yahaya Hamza, Elrufai's Foster father who died a few months ago. (Find the speech made by El Rufai on visiting the factory mentioned in 1 above and connect the dots).

6. Sulaiman Adamu, nominee from Jigawa State is not only the younger brother of Amina Zakari of INEC but also a nephew of PMB and by extension related Mamman Daura.

7. Adamu Adamu, nominee from Bauchi, was groomed by Mamman Daura in NNN, and also planted in PTF by same.

8. Finally, isn't it simply amazing how the following all worked as consultants at the AfriProjects Consortium (Sole mega consultants to the defunct PTF) floated by Dr. Mahmud Tukur, Mamman Daura's business partner for over 40yrs?; Amina Zakari(INEC), Sulaiman Adamu (Jigawa nominee), Amina Mohammed (Gombe Nominee), Ibrahim Jibrin (Nassrawa Nominee) son of Group Captain Usman Jibrin long time friend of Buhari, Yobe Nominee (wife of Senator Abba Ibrahim and daughter of Waziri Ibrahim).

It seems we are back to the days of old...

The Kaduna Mafia is Back...Change Indeed. 

H.Aliyu writes from Abuja-Nigeria

*Article solely the perception of the author and does not reflect the opinion of the Editor.


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