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William Golding's excellent book the 'Lord of the Flies' is a study in human group psychology and the power of lies. It is t...

William Golding's excellent book the 'Lord of the Flies' is a study in human group psychology and the power of lies. It is the story of a group of boys stranded on a deserted island. There was Ralph the good dependable leader who wanted the best for the boys. There was Jack the evil boy who just wanted to be King for his own ego.

To win, Jack painted Ralph as the evil person, thoroughly petrified the boys with dark tales of Ralph, accusing him of all sorts of crimes and mobilised them to hunt and drive Ralph from his leadership. To win, Jack killed one of the wild pigs and stuck it's head on a stake. As flies encrusted the head of the pig, they worshipped it. This was Belzeebub, the Lord of the Flies and Father of Lies.

In my mind Goodluck Jonathan reminds me of Ralph, the good boy that wanted the best for everyone. Buhari reminds me of Jack, assisted by his able lietenant, Tinubu, the power hungry boys that wanted power for their own ego, but could never perform as good as Ralph. They would spin lies for their followers against Jonathan and like the mob of boys, they mobilised their zombies to blindly hound Jonathan out of power. And like Ralph who finally let go and left the boys to their fate, Jonathan too finally let go and left Nigerians to their fate. What followed was like the desolation that came when the evil brother slew Simba, the Lion King, and became the king of hyenas and vultures.

In the Bible, Belzeebub is the Father of Lies. The hypocrisy of Lies was the only sin for which Jesus ever cursed. Jesus loved murderers, prostitutes, thieves and he forgave them all who had a contrite heart, but to those who pretended they were good, while hiding evil hearts with lying tongues, he called them 'phsrisees, you brood of vipers'.

When I first registered with the APC I thought it would be the opposite of PDP. PDP then was brutally arrogant, crude and coarse in their do or die politics; APC has now gone several notches higher, in its ruthless bid for power and have soaked themselves in a hypocrisy that triumphs the power of propaganda and lies - the buzz of Belzeebub, the Father of Lies.

These Lies MUST STOP! APC may have won the election with a battery of unspeakable lies and propsganda to overthrow the monstrous PDP, but must they rule with lies? This habit of lies must stop. But can they stop? In Nigeria lies have become so normal to us, that when two brutal documentaries came out warning us of the excesses of empires built on lies and grand deceptuon, half of us dismissed them as propaganda. But when APC tells it's own lies and propaganda, half of us embrace them as the gospel truth.

So now when I think of APC, I think of Belzeebub, the Father of Lies...

Yet in more successful nations lies are treated so heinously, that a lie against a little girl, Monica Lewinskey, led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. A single lie can bring down a British Prime Minister. Yet the culture of lies perpetrated by APC, hooked people in Tinubu's Trance-like Traps and even got a Nobel laureate to speak from both sides of the mouth. David Axelrod's mind control propaganda turned half of Nigeria into a sea of Zombies, parroting that the best President they ever had, was clueless and did nothing. I truly hail Tinubu for his political and business acumen.

But now when I think of Tinubu, I think of Belzeebub...

Then suddenly, they won. And then the inauguration and THAT watch!! But then what is in a N10 million watch that we should deny the First Lady her rights to be beautiful and resplendent in a nation that wallows in poverty? Why make so much ado about nothing? Haba! But it is not the watch that is the issue. It is really the well cultivated image of Buhari that is on trial here. Buhari likes to present himself as a humble, poor, spartan character. Every time he runs for office, he declares he has only one million nairn in his account and 150 cows. He claims he has to borrow to buy nomination form. These are all insidious lies and Buhari is more and more being exposed as a liar. Lai Muhammed knew the truth yet spun these lies for us.

And now when I think of Lai Muhammed I think of Belzeebub...

Of course Hajjia Aisha has her own business, and the watch could be a gift, and perhaps her donation to Adamawa refugees, could have been charity money, but did she also sponsor all her children to England? Perhaps that also is a gift. Or the purported donation of an expensive house in Abuja. Even if all these were gifts, they are extremely expensive gifts and that means Buhari is in no way poor. The emerging image is that Buhari told lies about his poor state to win the support of the Northern Muslim Talakawa by presenting a false austere image of himself. And the people in APC all knew of these lies and still pushed it.

So now when I think of Oyegun, Oga kpatakpata of APC, I think of Belzeebub...

That Buhari can tell such a heinous lie, presenting himself as an austere, devout mallam, whilst his family lived an unbelievably ostentatious life reveals the man's capacity for deception and outrageous hypocrisy - for so long. That is the real significance of the watch on the First Lady's wrist. Once you realise that, much of the carefully spurn image begins to unravel. This man is a serial liar and a dedicated deception merchant. And Amaechi knew that and still took the money of the Rivers people to back him.

So now when I think of Amaechi, I think of Belzeebub...

Let us look at it more widely. For years Buhari has practised this deception of poverty and the austere mallam, he now lives the act compulsively leading to some grandiloquent grandstanding. I will give you some examples:

1. The sachet milo picture.

2. The rejection of Rolls Royce during London visit.

3. Travel to England first class and return economy.

4. I will stop at traffic lights.

5. I borrowed 27 million for APC Presidential Nomination form.

6. I have only 1 million in my account.

All these are just Mallam-Mahdi-Messiah Manipulation stunts for the Northern Muslim masses, the Takakawa. They love such poverty stunts. They associate it with the austere lifestyle of the Prophet (PBUH). Even Yerima, the first Northern Sharia zealot sold such images until the Northern masses saw through his hollowness and his messianic status collapsed. Aminu Kano lived it well, but for him it was no stunt. It was real.

For Buhari it has become a perfected art. I am sure that even him is deceived by him as he clearly believes and does not see the contradictions of the tales he spins. He has bought line, hook and sinker, his own illusory projection about his Messianic value - and like Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, self deluded demagogues that can mobilise devoted followers are the ones to watch closely. The APC Governors knew the truth but they all wanted the 12 million Northern masses votes so they all sold us a dummy.

And now when I think of APC Governors, I think of Belzeebub...

These are small social deceptions. Let us go to the big ones. Because Buhari has told so many small lies to hide the ostentation of his family, you can now doubt his big lies. Let us look at some:

1. You have all read stories of the missing millions that disappeared under his watch at NNPC and traced to his midland bank account in the UK. He denies anything to do with it. We all think Umaru Dikko, whom he shipped in a crate for corruption, was the first to steal over N1 billion in Nigeria. It turns out, if this accusation is true, that Buhari started the over N1 billion thefts in Nigeria.

2. The man emerges as Head of State from a coup d' etat, he denies all knowledge of the coup d'etat. Impossicant. ..

3. A few billion naira disappears under his watch at PTF yet he claims he knew nothing about it.

4. Buhari says Abacha was not corrupt. Who can believe that?

5. Timpire Silva has been white washed, wiped clean at the EFCC most probably on the orders of Buhari.

6. Nyako has ridden into town on a white horse with metaphorical angelic wings. His sins are forgiven. Soon even him will walk on water and calm the waves.

So now when I think of Timipre and Nyako, I think of Belzeebub...

Consider some of the electoral manifesto lies:

1. We will make $1 equal to N1.

2. We will feed children at school.

3. We will give welfare of N5000 to the jobless.

Then there are the election campaign lies perpetrated in his name by the very man whom he has now made Senior Special Adviser on Media - Shehu Garba - they spun the most incredible bare faced lies. During the Chatham House Fiasco - they spun lies Buhari was with Tony Blair with photoshopped images. They used a photo of him in Transcorp Hilton to claim he was interviewed In London. The Guardian had to apologise for this lie.

So now when I think of Shehu, I think of Belzeebub...

Then you realise his central tenet of fighting corruption is the biggest LIE of all. He is surrounded by those perceived as the biggest liars and corruption merchants in Nigeria - Obj, Atiku, Tinubu, Amaechi. Timipre Sylva who has just been wiped clean of all EFCC records was the head of his transition committee. This man's biggest LIE is that he is here to fight corruption.

O yes, when I think of Obj and Atiku, I think of Belzeebub...

All of you that supported him have just been had. And when I think of those of you who supported him I think of the boy mobs of 'Lord of the flies'. And here, there is a far more sinister and invidious dimension that concerns the mass of his intellectual supporters, the famous e-rats that ruled the social media.

Something is happening to these guys. Under normal circumstances many of them would never support someone like Buhari. But there they are - defending the excesses of Buhari and his First Lady. Making up excuses for a wealthy family whose patriarch swore that they were poor.

And so now, when I think of APC e-rats I think of Belzeebub...

All this so much reminds me of the Hitler propaganda machine and Hitler youth. How normally very intelligent people were systematically programmed with propaganda and mass mind control. They started believing that absolute evil was a wonderful thing and began to defend the most outrageous crimes. It culminated in the Jewish holocaust.

I registered with APC because I wanted a party that was opposite to the PDP, not a Party that will become a caricature of the old PDP in its mastery of lies. Members of my Party, the APC, would not like what I say but I will keep saying it, for even though we came to power with terrible lies we do not have to rule with lies.

APC adopted the same methods of the Nazis at war and mass hypnotised the masses to believe the most outrageous lies. We all became victims of David Axelrod's mass mind control techniques that made us believe that an old general - a conservative blast from the past - could build a digital future for us, or that a serial liar and friend of political kleptomaniacs could fight corruption for us.

Buhari practised the same thing on us when he was Head of State the first time. He made us believe that the worst examples of human rights abuses and indiscriminate jailing was fighting corruption. Many of us are still victims of that till today. I remained a victim of that illusion till 2011 when I campaigned for and voted for him.

But the biggest victims of these mass deceptions are the Northern Talakawa masses who believe that this accomplished image launderer and master of military subterfuge is a humble mallam, a Mahdi, Messiah even, that can lead them on a Jihad to dominate the rest of Nigeria. Perhaps he will try, perhaps he will not. But one thing I am sure, a friend of the corrupt, cannot fight corruption.

And this is why now, when I think of Baba Buhari, I think of Belzeebub, the Father of Lies...

And may I finally close with this advice to Baba Buhari. Many of us from the South are wary of you. Many of us think you want to Islamise or dominate us and that is why we voted against you. Many of us feel you told terrible lies to seize power for a Northern agenda. However if you are sincere and truly want to change Nigeria, and write your name in gold like Jonathan when he conceded; and if you go all out to prove it to us, you will find in us truer supporters and colleagues than the myriad praise singers you have in Northern Nigeria.

Come amongst us in the South East and South South, and surprise us like Jonathan surprised us with his achievements; confound the nay sayers like Jonathan confounded them, and we shall lift you high. Contrary to your people's expectations, we do not support because of tribe or religion. We support because of achievements. We wish you well.

- Agha Egwu


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