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"It's May 29th 2015. The North is aflame with celebration. So too the S-west. There is a mourning spirit pervading the S-East a...

"It's May 29th 2015. The North is aflame with celebration. So too the S-west. There is a mourning spirit pervading the S-East and S-South and parts of North Central. Except for the efulefu circles celebrating...
Gen. Buhari is being sworn in as president, Fed Rep of Nigerian.
* Buhari, upon assumption of power announces a major probe into MDAs since 1999. Massive jubilations rent the North, and SW. With efulefus too...
* Buhari sacks all services chiefs and security heads. Replaces all with mostly Hausa-Fulani folks. The North hail endlessly. The SW hails too, but in a lower tone. The SS/SE are silent, save for the efulefus among them celebrating cautiously...
* Buhari orders immediate relocation of all amouries in the South back to the North, calling Obj and GEJ "outlaws" for moving amouries away from the North. Jubilation in the North, SW jubilate half heartly...efulefus celebrate nervously...
* Buhari declares war on corruption. Reverses the privatization of PHCN, claiming it was fraudulently sold off. North roars in joy, SW murmur, efulefus smile about nervously...
* Buhari cancels second Niger bridge project, citing it as one of Jonathan's corruption based projects. North explodes in joy, SW scratch their heads, SE/SW mourn deeply, efulefus now confused.
* Buhari suspends all upgrade work at Calabar/Onne seaports, citing corruption in the award of the contracts and also that the ports are a conduit for insurgents to bring in arms into the N-Delta. Now the efulefus begin to grumble silently...the North rejoices...
* Fulani herdsmen kill thousands in night raids in the N central. Christian militias retaliate at once. Buhari orders a nation-wide revocation of all firearms licenses, sends soldiers and police on door to door search for firearms, whether licensed or not...Observersnote these raids are all in the N central and Southern Nigeria.
* Reports of silent killings,esp of opposition politicians keep coming in. The Buhari led FG denies complicity. There is terror and deep fear in the land. Anti govt activists and groups begin to mobilize against the tyrannical govt.
* AIT,STV and Channelstv shut down by the Buhari led govt for "instigating crisis" in the polity. The media houses proceed to court, the court orders their reopening at once, Buhari ignores the court orders.
* 2016 population census is done: Kano alone gets a population of 35m, all the S-east states put together get barely 36m. The SW states plus Lagos get barely 45m. The day begins to break for the efulefus..
* Buhari bans the use of FaceBook and twitter in Nigeria. Prescribes harsh jail terms of an IP is traced to any social media site. Quarrels and disagreements spark off between Osibanjo and Buhari. Hundreds of young people are hauled into jail for Facebooking.
* MEND attacks oil pipelines, crippling oil production. Buhari orders thousands of troops to crush them. Bitter fighting breaks out in the N-Delta, leaders of the N-Delta movement are arrested and executed without trial. Now the SWest is silent...efulefus nowhere to be found...
* Buhari announces a major slash in Fed allocation to states, citing the war in the N-Delta. Nigerians are furious with the excruciating hard times, the FG explains that the monumental damage done to the economy by decades of military rule plus 16 years of PDP misrule cannot be fixed in 4 years. Now the generality of Nigerians are swallowing hard....
* IBB, GEJ, OBJ etc all rally together to form a common front against Buhari's govt. Tinubu falls out with Buhari and joins in the coalition. Buhari orders their arrest and slams them into detention. Their lawyers proceed to court to secure the freedom. All the court orders are damned by the Buhari led govt.
* 2019 elections approach. More reports of silent killings. The opposition parties are too afraid to campaign or field a candidate against Buhari. Tinubu charges NADECO to fight on hard against the dictatorship of Buhari as they "gallantly" did against Abacha. The S-East and S-South laugh at him, asking him to go and tame the monster he unleashed from chain unto Nigerians himself.
* 90% of the political parties adopt Buhari as their candidate. All opposition leaders have fled the country, some missing. Militants in the N-delta step up operations, routing the army and advancing Northwards. Thousands of volunteers join them, along with other militant groups to push Buhari's forces off the region.
* Buhari suspends Nollywood, declaring them a "source of immorality"...Nigerians now are too afraid to resist. Many journalists are arrested and detained for writing against the govt.
* Brazil and Israel announce their support for the groups fighting the FG. They provide support and logistics. Now the FG gets real jittery. Inflation spirals out of control, over 25m people displaced by the bitter fighting. Looting, rape and robbery by both citizens and military personnel become very high.
* A major mutiny occurs within the armed forces. A nation-wide state of emergency is declared. Rumours of the death of some past presidents in detention filters out. A nation-wide state of emergency is declared. No more elections. Year after year, the state of emergency on the nation is maintained. The system grinds to a halt. Buhari. Is accused of refusiing to lift the emergency state so as to foist himself as president for life.
* The SE and SS declare independence from Nigeria. 14 nations recognize them. The FG calls it illegality of the highest order...
* North Central declares independence.
* The FG calls for meeting of all "aggrieved regions" to reconcile. None is interested.
Well, well peeps, welcome to my imagination! Do you think these events lack bizarre possibilities? Personally, I don't believe Nigerians have so offended the Universe to deserve this.
So we can only avoid such scenarios by not bringing such unto ourselves via our choices.

Think well, vote wisely…#WeTriumphStill

-Kelechi Ekezie


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