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Our Future Lies strictly in Our Hands ... Courtesy: “Our Future may lie beyond our vision, but it is not complete...

Our Future Lies strictly in Our Hands... Courtesy:
“Our Future may lie beyond our vision, but it is not completely beyond our control. It is the shaping impulse of Nigeria that neither fate nor nature nor the irresistible tides of history, but the work of our own hands, matched to reason and principle that will determine our destiny. There is pride in that, even arrogance, but there is also experience and truth. In any event, it is the only way we can live.”- SEGA

I am certain a lot of readers here will be wondering what I represent having read my profile. A good friend of mine intimated me on a strange discuss she had while on a business trip. A group of associates got into this heated political conversation and somehow (according to her) my name came up. The discussants were claiming how they know me very well (some offline and some only on social media). "Such an intelligent fellow, why would he put in such a bold support for a failed President?" they opined.

Just in case you are in the same school of thought, I'll clear the air for you in just a moment.

Before the Jonathanians starts getting comfortable, you can see from some of the comments of folks I care about on my network that I don't belong to any school of thought that has mediocrity written all over it. The only luck the present administration has is the fact that the opposition got it wrong as mislead by greed through the floating of the worst of its line up!

This administration on the other hand let down so many faithful, who saw to it that their support brought to power a "shoeless president" who rose from Grass to Grace but must he return to the Grass?!

I find it irritating, having to defend the indefensible and I never tried wasting my energy on such. I only make sure I don't accept the pills of delusion to the point where I'm used as a tool of propaganda. The current administration ought to have done more in a lot of ways, to the benefits of the various classes rather than focus on one. I'm certain the grass-root folks who dwell on Agriculture would be pleased with the president but the "Blackberry White Collar" budding middle class is not, for obvious reasons.

I am not pleased as a member of that category (dwindling and down trodden middle class) seeing how much attention is paid to mediocrity and credence withheld from the actual potentialities of our human capital. Those complaining are not exactly acting out of hate but out of share disappointment. Several utterances had been made that makes my intestine cringe as regards our political clime, which I know could have been handled more professionally.

For instance, how can Government Tompolo et al threaten our democracy without caution from above and we look on like all will be well? How can an Asari Dokubo who is a known ally threaten our state of affairs without remorse? These are the reasons why government is never taken seriously on the fight against any anomaly. Charity must begin at home. Mr. President must emphatically take charge of his duties without fear or favor like every other African Leader. If the opposition had not blown it, we all know it will be all over even before the actual election takes place.

The stakes are high and I don't believe anyone (or political party) should be complacent. We are where we are today as a result of many structural factors not limited to the ineptitudes of the current administration. I will always discuss our situation from the perspective of where we are today and where we used to be, for all and sundry to make their own decision. I also try to remove the elements of disinformation as planted by the media machine of the opposition who seek power for themselves instead of emancipating the downtrodden masses. 

However damned the opposition might be, they become an option when the actions of the incumbent are unethical, insensitive, tacit and indifferent. We as a people need to begin to think deeper than we are being made to think by the media. Poll does nothing but tends to direct/control the thinking of the people.

Hate can't conquer hate, Love does that and Darkness can't brighten up the deep, Light does that... Let our leaders steer in an exemplary us why we should keep you in power as the incumbent while the opposition also prove to us without condescend why they are worth the helms of affairs of Nigeria as a country and not as a Business! The lackluster campaigns of calumny must STOP now, for the youths of this Nation have options....

We can start all over damning all consequences if our leaders across political parties would not get over themselves and their affinity for greed. This is a subtle note of warning. Political support is nothing but a smoke screen, which can clear in a matter of minutes once there's no future in sight. We are on the brink and our future as youths of this country cannot be destroyed under our watch by people who will not live in it!

There's this audio recording that's been circulated to allude a secret meeting of some prominent politicians in our society negotiating a rigging process with revelation of several purported counter rigging by the opposition party in the recently concluded election in one of the south west states. The audacious disgraceful recording painted our prominent political parties APC and PDP in the worst light ever. Another video shows purported armed agents of the major opposition party (APC) secretly stamping ballot papers for Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola during the Osun Election. This begs the question whither are we bound Nigeria?

Even though the audio is not admissible in court by law and the parties involved are "impari delincto" (partners in an illegality) neither party can litigate, still ethically, we must admit that our leaders have failed us. This is not a blame sharing situation but a fact that reveals the danger in absolving any of the political parties (APC or PDP alike).

This is certainly not a reflection of "Power to the People" or the "Change" we need now or ever! The youths of this nation should not concern themselves by being used as a political tool of parties who are Siamese Twins in the unethical practices of the current Game of Thrones.

Let the people note today from the perspective of someone who is seeing from all angles (the people, the political parties, and a glimpse of what the future holds for this great nation). Rich men do not become rich by giving more than they get. They will give you crumbs and try to own you forever! The path to wealth and riches need not be dishonorable though hunger and insecurity make beasts of men (you've seen videos of supporters committing acts of violence enough to know how ugly things can get). We must understand that Influence is mainly as a result of patience, which grows like weed.

It doesn't matter what we want, once we get it, we begin to want another. Our true Change is near, far from what we are being sold today and surely Power resides where men believes it resides (it majorly belongs to the Most High).

Even if Goodluck Jonathan wins, it must be treated like an admission into College, which doesn't mean graduation or successful convocation from such institution abnitio. He would be required to keep every word from day one of assumption of power, as the current masses would not wait for an election year before they spring should he fall short. Should General Buhari win the election, I'm hoping we won't have to begin again from scratch as it looks. I'm wishing both the candidates all the best, hoping that the final outcome would be to our mutual best interest.

This is my warmest greetings and best compliments of the Valentine cum election season. Love you all regardless of your political leaning. This marks the conclusion of my political social experiment that began a year ago. You’ve all been a sport and I appreciate all your contributions.

(The People Wins this Time) 



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