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"If liberty and equality, as is thought by some are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons a...

"If liberty and equality, as is thought by some are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government to the utmost"- Aristotle

I'm watching as various political parties react to the postponement of the general election as announced by the Chairman of INEC, Prof Attairu Jega. Some are filled with glee that they had their way as planned to postpone, while in some quarters bitterness is brewing as a plan to start protests across cities is being hatched.

In my view the school of thoughts are mere formalities and a sheer display of primitive unnecessary reactions. First of all to those foaming in the mouth about the success of postponement, it's a two way street, it may have been an advantage now but can also be an undoing if not appropriated effectively. 

If the same lackluster attitude of "there is time" is adopted, the ever vigilant opposition will recover from playing victim and get their groove back on like they're doing already.

I must also point out that this is just an election not war, the opposition need to temper their vivacious chants of war and respect the electorate through enlightenment about their advantage over the status quo.

How the political parties use this extension will either make or mar their progress. The support they all have in the electorate is not bankable just yet.

Professor Attairu Jega's sanctimonious position is also overplayed. What exactly does "we are ready" mean, when over 20Million is disenfranchised?! Do you ever envisage what happens when you declare a winner and a party invokes this flaw? Where does this place our political future?!

The primary reason behind the postponement is not security but the technical issues that INEC is downplaying in order to look efficient. I'm talking as a technical consultant in relative field. We always want to show we are competent more than intimating our clients with the true state of the matter beyond our immediate control.

Having said this let all and sundry be responsible with the interpretation, as a downplay of security information for instance will always leave an indelible scar. Chibok is still fresh in our memory when a State Governor jettisoned a security Intel which led to the adoption of over 200 Chibok Girls. He was lucky the heated polity blamed it all on the man to hate - Goodluck Jonathan based on that narrative. The same would have happened should Professor Jega proceed with the elections despite the concerns of the ineptitudes in PVC distributions, technical issues with INEC equipment and processes and lastly security inadequacies.

The electoral act as amended is clear in all these and the decision taken is within the confines of the law that empowers INEC as an independent body.

Let us all enjoy the moment and be thankful that St. Valentine's day is not disrupted at the least. We all do not have to adopt our chosen candidates as Vals but the original love of our lives (whoever they might be) without further excuses.

Have a great day people.


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