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"Pa Muhammadu Buhari (72) is the Nigerian senior Military officer that failed all the Senior Military examinations in the history o...

"Pa Muhammadu Buhari (72) is the Nigerian senior Military officer that failed all the Senior Military examinations in the history of Nigerian Military. If you check the official names of officers the likes of IBB, Idiagbon, Diya, Aikhomu, Danjuma, Akhigbe, Abdulsalami, etc you will see a suffix FSS, PSC (Pass Staff College), MNi, Pa Muhammadu Buhari has None. He failed the Command and Staff College exams and all other Military examination". - El Rufai
The puppeteer mostly gets controlled by some other forces as well ranging from delusion, to addictive influence of drugs and barbiturates. Why would I be impressed or ensnared by a rhetoric copied from the western world and meaningless politically here? Your narrative is adapted, fake and unreal, so the entire charade of distractions only makes me concentrate more on the game which is the only real thing here.

Make minions of those I call friends and acquaintances but that too won't make me politically correct. They've got their lives I've got mine. Your Trojan horse of a propped up effigy in an invalid septuagenarian impresses only microcephalics who only think themselves as wise.

You sold them disinformation, gave them someone to hate and off they go like wound up toys spewing hate in sporadic sentimentalism. Their sense of reasoning clogged with overdose intake of your repeated propaganda. This makes want to ask, who do you plan to rule over? Zombies?

They say they will fight corruption, or Sorry they recanted that and said they won't jail anyone then again they will send some to Kirikiri....the inconsistency of a semi illiterate sold as a Czar of anti corruption. A man with no proof of the most basic scholastic training, whose records are glaring as a selective crime fighter or should I say vindictive despot rabidly seeking the throne of Nigeria.

Then there's this stooge of an imp who suddenly got into character only recently as a foisted candidate deputizing for the bigger stumbling/ailing puppet on the stage of a highly confusing distraction in our political sphere. That one spins a whole lot of fantasies one of which is to provide 720,000 jobs... Laughable indeed. They seem to have this perception that Nigerians are fools. They want to win election based on the promise of feeding students once in a week. Same folks who increased school fees in Lagos University to unimaginable heights only to rescind after a long standoff by the students.

Who are they really fooling? These ones are not the alternative to what we have, they are worse than the combined plagues of Egypt. They want to use the opportunity of the present darkness to sell black to us as white. They want to take undue advantage to present a fictitious change while seeking to serve themselves at a higher level.

This would have been a mere formality were the incumbent responsible enough with their promises to the masses. They've got absolutely no excuse for not delivering. The media team of the President obviously have a case to answer for obscurity in the achievement of this administration in the past years. How else would the people believe that work was in progress when we actually saw nothing? Why keep the success stories within specific circles? Nigeria belongs to all of us and we are all equal stake holders. More is expected by the people from those voted into power and when the fall short this happens!

The idea of the opposition is not a bad one, we need them to put the ruling party in check and believe me, these ones are good on the money. I'm proud of them, even though I may not agree that they are any different. My support for the incumbent is not borne out of love of the administration or its style of governance but simply because they are the only hope for transition to a younger generation.

Know for real that the welfare of the people has always been the alibi of Tyrants. Guard your hearts with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life. Our destined change cometh but certainly not through these brigandage. ‪#‎WeTriumphStill‬


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