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"Moral transformation and Social reconstruction must be preceded by spiritual regeneration" - Dr. Myles Munroe I am proud t...

"Moral transformation and Social reconstruction must be preceded by spiritual regeneration"- Dr. Myles Munroe

I am proud to be a NIGERIAN, a Southerner and Christian by faith but I believe that we must live together in unity with others with whom we share a common country.

Our people are beating the drums of Civil War from the North and South by the prodding of various sensitive pressure points at this critical political dispensation coupled with the unfortunate involvement of our clergies, fuelling the flame of aggression. Statements credited to Pastor Oritsejafor, Mujaheed Asari Dokubo, Government Tompolo and former Vice Chancellor Ango Abdullahi are all precipice to war. But the most frightening of all are those credited to close allies of Government under the watch of some State Chief Executives.

With rumors of incitement and ethnic bigotry all over our country today, one is yet to associate them to any prominent northern Governor, Religious or Traditional leader outside the widely quoted statement of General Mohammadu Buhari years ago, which precipitated the mayhem of 2011. Though this is not to validate or vindicate any person, religion or region but simply an appeal for us all to see Nigeria as a country that it is and not a "Jungle" borrowing the President's term.

We must always state in clear terms where the fault lies without over-generalizing or politicizing matters. The wrongs of Paul should not be ascribed to Christians or Southerners but directly to Paul nor those of Usman be blamed on Muslims or Northerners but Usman.

“A leper cannot milk the cow but can certainly destroy a whole day's toil by toppling the can of milk collected”. Meaning that some people enjoy the overheated polity that is pushing us to the brink of collapse.

“Democracy without God is humanism without conscience”

It is expedient therefore that our FAITH be used to improve humanity rather than the opposite. Hence the positive role of our religious, traditional and even youth leaders in nation building is most desirous now. We cannot afford to be primitive or insensitive. Nigeria remains a sovereign nation in honor and glory. There is no "Them and Us” as we are one. We can't divide within ourselves and expect to stand as a Nation regardless of who wins the forthcoming election.

Government too must condemn incisive statements no matter who made it, for or against whom. What we require is a free and fair election with assurances from all stakeholders to honor the peace accord signed in Abuja before the entire world.

Those who love the President (candidate of the PDP) Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, would do good to ensure all goes well likewise those who wish General Mohammadu Buhari (candidate of the APC) should do likewise to shun violence and threats to their fellow citizens. We must not make enemies of our friends or neighbors all in the name of politics.

Let the truth be told. On unity and peace we stand.

- Edited by : Alhaji AbdulRasaq Danagundi


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