Reports have it that serious pre-election rigging has been going on with some INEC staff and across the North using violence. It has bee...

Reports have it that serious pre-election rigging has been going on with some INEC staff and across the North using violence. It has been so sophisticated that no one noticed until some Southern INEC Commissioners sounded the alarm. It will prevent millions of Southerners from voting. This MUST be stopped by all legal means necessary until the effects of this massive rigging is reversed.

No one in the South should be against a Northerner ruling but it MUST not be because the some Muslim in the North demands it as of right. That attitude must be permanently removed from Nigeria by defeating it. We should be happy to vote for a Northern as a Nigerian in a free and fair democratic contest, but if it is rigged because of the religious and ethnic demand that the North Must Rule in 2015, then the answer must be NO.

For the sake of peace and equity, commonsense should tell us that the South South should finish their rule. It is the least we could do for a people from whose land the Oil wealth that feeds us comes. It is also the best way to guarantee peace and prevent Nigeria from breaking up, as a rigged transfer of power to the North will lead to an insurrection in the South South that could most likely end up in war. If the South South breaks away, or we are plunged into another Civil War, everyone will suffer.

A true, patriotic Northerner, can be elected in 2019 peacefully, when most people in Nigeria would feel it is time for the North. Four years is not too long in a the life of a nation to wait for the sake of peace. Those Northerners who are demanding that the North Must Rule in 2015 must be resisted till they understand that no region can demand power in Nigeria as of right.

This is why the sophisticated rigging going on now to return power to the North must be exposed. It is naïve to believe that in this year of ‘POWER MUST RETURN TO THE NORTH’ that there are many Northerners who can resist the terrible pressure put on them to feel like a traitor to the Northern cause if they resist. Some will resist, but many will buckle under this pressure.

According to reports, The Southern INEC Commissioners brought this to light and to the President. Unless it is drastically reviewed and stopped Southern and non-Muslim voters, in the North and South, will be disenfranchised. It could even cause the President to lose, so it is in the interest of the President and all those who believe in true democracy and human rights to reverse this massive pre-election rigging. We must do all things in our power to postpone the 14th February elections by 60 days to ensure a level playing field is guaranteed and voters not disenfranchised.

Some people have already been caught cloning voters cards. Several levels of rigging have been taking place. Here are some of them. Have you come across others?

1. INCREASE IN POLLING BOOTHS: The first attempt by Jega to dramatically increase voting booths in the North whilst reducing or maintaining the booths in the South, was the first blatant demonstration pointing to Jega himself being involved in sophisticated rigging. It gives signs that Jega has been compromised or brought under the NORTH MUST RULE pressure to conform.

ACTION: This was stopped after the President demanded a level playing field.

2. GHOST VOTERS: In the North there was a drive for ineligible voters such as underage children and foreigners to be registered, swelling their numbers in the North West to a fantastic 18,000,000 registered voters and in the sparse North East, a whopping 10,000,000. Whilst the South can be blamed for its complacency, people in the far North have gone too far. These actions are driven by a religious determination that the North must rule. For instance some organisations will deregister you if you do not get your PVC.

ACTION: The President must ensure the postponement of the elections to put in place mechanisms to verify underage voters and foreign nationals in the North before and during elections. People should also be allowed to keep registering and collecting PVCs right up to the week of elections. Churches and organisations in the South should now consider going on their own drive and demanding that their members must get their PVCs or stop attending.

3. DISTRIBUTION OF PVCs. The distribution of PVCs orchestrated highly lopsided and there are reports it emanates from JEGA and Northern Commissioners. JEGA gave instruction that PVCs should be taken to LGAs for individual collection ostensibly to prevent the cards getting into wrong hands. This was done in the South but in the North agents were directed to register the cards in the LGA and then deliver to village heads and imams for door to door delivery. People can also collecting for other people which is not supposed to be. It is quite clear that PVCs are being collected and hoarded or distributed to Muslim voters but not to Christian or non-Muslim voters in the far North. In the South especially South East and South South, people have found it quite difficult to collect their PVCs.

The distribution so far by 24th January 2014, is as follows (please note that these numbers change on a daily basis and that these numbers are indicatory rather than precise):

North West
Registered: 18, 616, 499
Distributed: 12, 003, 964
Potentially Disenfranchised: 6, 612, 535

North East
Registered 10, 447, 410
PVCs Distributed: 7, 456, 848 (excluding Borno: 4, 886, 499)
Potentially Disenfranchised: 2, 990, 562

North Central
Registered: 10, 592, 958.
PVCs Distributed: 5, 539, 982
Potentially Disenfranchised 5, 052, 976;

South West
Registered: 13, 188, 854;
PVCs Distributed: 6, 419, 003
Potentially Disenfranchised: 6, 769,851

Registered: 7, 178, 185
PVCs Distributed: 3, 944, 242
Potentially Disenfranchised: 3, 233, 943.

South East
Registered: 7, 178, 185
PVCs Distributed: 3, 944, 242
Potentially Disenfranchised: 3, 233, 943

Notice the APC zones of North West, North East and South West have inflated populations of voters. At the time of writing, the North West has almost three times the votes of the South East and more delivered PVCs than the South East and South South combined. This does not mean that all those votes are for APC. Many Muslims will still vote PDP and at least aquarter of the registered voters are Christians and Non-Muslims. On the other hand South East votes are almost entirely Christian. Further these do not reflect the total South East and South South votes. For instance there are more Igbo outside South East. There are probably more than 5 million Igbo in the North. Igbo make up 30% of the Lagos population and non-yoruba up to 50% but there are no reliable statistics on these. There are also a lot of South South people outside the South South. However most of the non-Muslims in the North will leave during the elections and whether they have PVC or not, they will be disenfranchised unless they can vote wherever they are.

ACTION: The President must ensure that the election is postponed by 60 days and a Task Force set up to deliver PVCs to people in their homes through out the South to ensure maximum penetration of PVCs in both the North and South. What was done in the North must also be done in the South.

4. INEC STAFF: Our investigator in the North reports that even the lackadaisical attitude of INEC staff to the collection of PVCs is a well orchestrated plan by INEC and APC, so deliberately done to disenfranchise Southern and Non-Muslim voters who do not find it so easy to collect their PVCs, whilst PVCs are delivered to Muslims door to door or to mosques.

ACTION: The President must ensure that the election is postponed by 60 days and a Task Force set up to deliver PVCs to non- Muslims in the North who are either unable to get to an LGA or are dribbled by INEC staff and denied their PVCs.

: There is an ongoing recruitment INEC adhoc staff for the elections. Our investigator in the North notes that if you apply now there is a 99.9% chance that your application will not be given due consideration because the INEC staff being hired are core APC loyalists. He says that APC and INEC are working together to ensure that the election is rigged in a justifiable way, without traces. In APC States the adhoc staff are supposed to rig. In PDP States, they will serve as alarmists to ensure that elections held in some areas are disqualified.

ACTION: The President must ensure the postponement of the elections to ensure that the recruitment of adhoc staff is balanced in the North and South and not just saturated with APC or PDP core loyalists.

6. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE: At first, we all considered this an oversight. However, in the light of everything happening now, it was probably deliberate. It will affect Southern Youth votes, especially with young girls demanding that their romance is more important than voting. On Valentine’s Day, millions of young men and women will travel distances to meet lovers and check into various hotels and romantic spots. For the girls it is usually a wonderful time to collect money and presents which they will not want to lose and will put ahead of the elections. They will probably do their best to persuade their lovers to put them first. As there will be all day curfew on that day, many Southern Youths will travel on the Friday to avoid the curfew. Probably up to two million Southern Youth, mostly university female students and their young working men will be disenfranchised by this.

ACTION: Very little can be done about this unless the elections are postponed from February 14.

7. SOUTHERN VIOLENCE MIGRATION: The threat of violence in the North is part of the strategy to disenfranchise millions of Southerners who will leave the North. They will travel to the South for safety in the week before the elections. Threats are already being made against them. Our investigator in the North reports that in Kaduna, Bauchi, Zaria and Katsina that hoodlums are threatening non-Muslims and non-Northerners that there will be a massacre if Buhari loses. Given the massacres of 2011, these threats should not be taken lightly. Whether or not the threats will materialise, the point is to force Southerners and non-Muslims to travel away rather than staying to vote in the North. Anything up to 8 million voters who would have voted against APC will be disenfranchised unless they can vote wherever they find themselves or even in their LGAs.

ACTION: The elections must be postponed by 60 days, so that the mechanism can be put in place to make it possible for the people to vote wherever they find themselves or in their LGAs.

8. BOKO HARAM DISPLACED PERSONS: Whether this is part of an orchestrated plan or just coincidence, or just an unfortunate situation being exploited is not known. The Muslims in Borno fled to Maiduguri and the Christians in Southern Borno fled to Yola and other more Southern Cities. Incredibly, the North East with all its violence has collected more PVCs than the South East even though over most of Borno, half of Yobe and northern Adamawa are now displaced persons. PVCs are being delivered to Muslim refugees in Maiduguri but not to the Christian refugees that ran to the South. Did they deliver to the refugees that ran to Cameroon as well. It is quite obvious that PVCs are being collected and hoarded somewhere for use on election day by underaged children and imported foreigners as happened in 2011.

ACTIONS: Very little can be done about the insurgency now, but the President must set up a task force to trace and recover all hoarded PVCs and arrest all those involved.

9. UNCLAIMED PVCs: There are reports that non-Muslims in the North have to go and collect their own PVCs whilst PVCs are being delivered to Muslims. It is most likely that some PVCs that are unclaimed are being hoarded. The insurgency is being exploited to hoard millions of unclaimed PVCs. The unclaimed PVCs will probably be used to ensure rigging on election day with under age voters and foreigners using the unclaimed PVCs.

ACTION: The President must get involved and set up a Task Force to deliver unclaimed PVCs to voters.

10. THE AMERICAN DIMENSION: The Chibok Girls campaign tarnished the image of President Jonathan as a heartless leader before the US Government. This is so bad that the Americans have refused to help in the fight against Boko Haram believing that our military is committing human rights violations against the people of the North East. APC has also hired the person that campaigned for President Obama to polish the APC campaign. They have helped to bring John Kerry to Nigeria to place added international pressure on Jonathan not to cancel the 14th February elections. This is because APC has perfected the rigging that will deliver the elections to them.

ACTION: The President must not listen to America, which is biased at present. He must ensure the elections are postponed by 60 days to unravel the rigging so as not to disenfranchise Southern voters.

APC wants the elections to go ahead because the disenfranchisement of Southern voters will work in their favour. The Elections MUST be postponed. Any attempt by INEC to disenfranchise eligible Nigerians is unacceptable, illegal, unconstitutional, and MUST be challenged. This is permissible in INEC Rules.
“Where a date has been appointed for the holding of an election, and there is a reason to believe that election is proceeded with on that date or it is impossible to conduct the elections as a result of natural disasters or other emergencies, the commission may postpone the election and shall in respect of the area, areas concerned, appoint another, provided that such a reason for the postponement is cogent and verifiable.”

1. This information must be taken to the President to warn and demand he takes the actions we suggest in this write-up.
2. There must be a sustained campaign and picketing of INEC offices (INEC Offices in the South will welcome it) to draw attention to all this and demand a postponement by 60 days.
3. We must picket the American embassy and demand they do not interfere in our internal affairs.
4. There seems to be evidence that Jega is rigging and is no longer being neutral as before. We must call for Jega’s suspension and replacement to ensure a level playing field.
5. This information must be spread throughout Social Media and the press to warn everyone of what is going on.
6. State Governments, Churches and Social organisatioons in the South must be persuaded to begin a drive to ensure their members get their PVCs or they will not be allowed to benefit.
7. Encourage Lawyers to challenge INEC in court to extend the election date by 60 days on the grounds of disenfranchisement.


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