The biggest trouble facing Nigeria today is that millions of her sons and daughters can't find work and the middle class disappearing...

The biggest trouble facing Nigeria today is that millions of her sons and daughters can't find work and the middle class disappearing daily--- in it's place a permanent corrupt 10% that stole all their wealth from oil money and the poor 65 - 70% that are struggling and praying to join the corrupt 10% and lastly the 15 - 20% middle class that are disappearing daily .

As horrible as terrorism is--- it can be controlled, disrupted and often destroyed as a new cell grows...while permanent unemployment is like nuclear bomb to any country...it was what caused the second world war and to some extent the first world war too.

So, an opposition candidate with credible policies that can create jobs should have a good chance to defeat an incumbent saddled with millions of unemployed voters...

Why is APC not making such a case? Why did they choose to base their entire campaign in making Jonathan Satan that Nigeria should be freed from...?

The notion that corruption and fighting Boko Haram is the biggest cancer eating Nigeria and incorruptible General Buhari must lead .... is a talking point born out of laziness of having to sit down and figure out how to counter or fix the unemployment problem ...

From what we know today policy wise from Buhari, it will be risky to hand over 520 billion dollar economy and the hopes of 170 million people to a man with no track record of sound monetary policy.

Even though former vice-president Atiku has been making speeches about unemployment, federalism and investment in education, the northern political think tank don't think much of him...they all rally behind Buhari with childish prophesy of a Caliph who will destroy corruption and Satan and Nigeria will be healed...the only problem with that argument is that ----it is not only flawed, but reminds Nigeria of the darkest ages of our country as a nation and Buhari's part in it...

Now, i am not talking of 1983 - 1985 for a lot has been said about that era, especially the gross disrespect for human rights and punishment racily apportioned... I am talking of 1993 - 1998...Wikipedia ranked General Abacha as the most corrupt African leader of all times...
The 2014 new ranking of Transparency International ranked Nigeria 31st out of 177 countries and territories...still doesn't look that great in my opinion. But we should go back and look at the ranking of Nigeria, 1993 - 1998, http://goo.gl/oujQEi as Mr incorruptible was in-charge of our only source of corruption ---OIL MONEY.

There is a common joke amongst scholars that goldfish has a memory bank of three seconds...the new rediscovering of General Muhammadu Buhari is based on the goldfish strategy...to jinx the nation from now till February 2015 of a great Mohammadu Buhari that just landed with a spacecraft...while Nigerians do not have the means to examine his space track records,they have to take his followers tales of Mr Magic without earthly track records to gauge his claims.

APC is blessed with lots of talented young governors with administrative experience,it is therefore not about a shortage of good alternatives ... but MORE ABOUT A NEW PHILOSOPHY THAT TURNS A NATION INTO A RELIGION AND THE LEADER, A CALIPH CHOSEN BY ALLAH/GOD TO RULE HIS PEOPLE...a relic of what is going on in most Arab countries today...

I hope Nigerians reject this extremism 2015--- not for Jonathan but for a more tolerant and inclusive Nigeria that will stand the test of time and not just two election seasons.

Cade Adams Agbugba 26/10/2014
Edited by: Greg Abolo


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