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Everytime I see, "meet the intimidating profile of Professor Yemi Osinbajo" I feel very sad at the level of descent of the acade...

Everytime I see, "meet the intimidating profile of Professor Yemi Osinbajo" I feel very sad at the level of descent of the academics in our society. I'm forced to concentrate on developing the gifts in my kids more than the over dependence on the scholastic drive that prepares them for the chains of the corporatocracy (in other words "Wage slave" pile). I have never been a wage slave even with my experience across the various possible educational platform (Polytechnic, University, Vocational school, music school, professional courses, work etc) and I'm happy to tell anyone that still feels inadequate about their level of education or lack of that they've actually missed nothing.

If our very best eventually peaks only to descend to being despondent enough to surrender themselves to be used by corrupt politicians as stooges then it is finished! I may be interested in knowing the kind of students Prof Osinbajo supervised in dissertation and what became of them in the society. Today's academics are mostly nonsensical, esoteric, incoherent, and entirely out of touch with the society, yet they profess uncanny powers to deliver politically. Their ilk are shallow, ignorant despite the academic achievements, and lacks the skills necessary to revolutionize society.

I have sympathy for the ignorant lots celebrating the development. I doubt if I can stomach it on the platform of any party in the world. We've been taken for a ride by the conglomerate of broom taunting "Night Soil Men" (Agbépò), or Juju priests if you like, crying blue murder and kicking against anything that tends to block their self serving overt desire for power.Having said this, I'm not looking forward to being a Professor in this system, if at all but would rather simply be a mister that contributes positively to the society and create an enabling environment for youths to express themselves profitably in purpose without having to contend with the travesty of our microcephalic academicians who were born slaves to the system.

Prof Osinbajo betrayed the masses and the church that he represents in order to intellectually satisfy his master (Asiwaju Bola Tinubu), a man he's been cooking books for to rape the masses of their combined wealth for many years. If you are still under the suspended animation of a hope with these lots, you may need a special session with Daddy G.O. before the new year!


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