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Before now, the argument was that the crop of politicians like David Mark (Former Gov of Niger State, 1984), OBJ (in Govt Since 1976), Moham...

Before now, the argument was that the crop of politicians like David Mark (Former Gov of Niger State, 1984), OBJ (in Govt Since 1976), Mohammadu Buhari (Former Head of State, 1984), Uche Chuckwumerije (Infor Min to Ojuckwu, 1967), IBB (Head of State, 1985), Bamanga Tukur (Former Gov 1979), Tony Aneni (Consistent in Govt since Independence), etc would have retired from politics or dead by 2050, hence giving room for the younger generations to take up leadership, but with recent developments, it's certain that the proletariats have no place in politics. Nigeria has been hijacked and it's our duty to reclaim it. Recently, a friend jokingly said Nigeria is now an 'abandoned project' and I think he's not far from the truth considering the realities of our political life. 

A state where patriotism is only mentioned in the press by thieves. The youths no longer cares; our old men have given up and the children have been left alone to wonder where why they were given Nigerian parents. There is normlessness in the system and everyone seems to be comfortable. Those who are to make laws, are the ones breaking the laws and Nigerians are looking without hope. Now that we are set ready to watch the next Season of Nigeria's Political Drama Series tagged '2015', the youths are silent while the elites are playing with our collective destiny. A glance at a post made by Soni Akoji would convince you that our leaders don't have the interest of this country at heart and the worst of it is that we have refused to do anything. It will be all over for Nigeria if we sit and watch this unlikely graffiti takes the headlines.  

Please carefully read this from someone's Facebook wall: JIMI MOHAMMED, the son of APC spokesperson, ALHAJI LAI MOHAMMED won the ticket for Ikeja 1 constituency. He is Managing Director of Knightsbridge Dredging Limited and a University of Kent, Canterbury, Law graduate. He also attended Fordham Law School and the Nigerian Law School. BABAJIDE OBANIKORO, the son of the former Minister of State for defence SEN. MUSILIU OBANIKORO picked the PDP ticket for the Lagos Island constituency. He attended Kings College, Lagos, and studied Political Science in the United States, also holds a Master’s degree from a University in New York. MOYOSORE OGUNLEWE, the son of a former Minister of Works and PDP chieftain, Mr. ADESEYE OGUNLEWE. He studied Business Administration at the University of Lagos, holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws degree from the University of Buckingham, in the United Kingdom. He grabbed the PDP ticket for Ikorodu constituency.  Asiwaju Tinubu's nephew who is also a son of the late Iyaloja of Lagos got the ticket for Ikeja 2 constituency.  In Delta State, the daughter of the diaspora imprisoned Odidigborigbo 1 of Africa, talking about James Ibori, cornered the PDP ticket to represent Oghara constituency.  In Abia state, Governor Theodore Ochendo Orji gifted his son, Engr Ikuku Ochendo with the ticket to represent the Umuahia constituency without going through the process of circumcision via primary election. The list is endless and a look at the profile of sons and daughters of ruling Plutocrats that are about to be foisted on the hapless people is scary. Make no mistake about it, we are not intimidated by USA and UK University degrees the emerging modern day 'neocolonialists' are wielding.  We make bold to question the impunity with which they were foisted on the people. Their fathers as part of present and past government officials worked tirelessly to destroy our educational system, while looting our resources to send their children abroad to study. Now, their wards are back, parading foreign certificates to use as a bragging right to convince some hopeless persons to vote them as replacement for their retiring folks. 

You will soon see some hooligans coming here to praise these brats and follow them to campaign and even help rig them into office. No problem kontinu! When they win, they will also send their children abroad and foist them on your progeny, while you mugu`s will keep suffering here. Much as I respect the rights of the progeny of politically exposed persons to vote and be voted for, I will rather we vote for the children of Iya Ibeji, Iya Mulikat, Baba Mai Goro and all other proletariat!  We cannot serve father and son sequentially! If you don't want a second colonisation, go out there and vote against these candidates of impunity!

-Otu Jerry


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