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MAXWELL MAX WROTE :"Simon, I am so so DISAPPOINTED in you. You had the courage to mention names in this article, but you didn't hav...

MAXWELL MAX WROTE :"Simon, I am so so DISAPPOINTED in you. You had the courage to mention names in this article, but you didn't have the COURAGE to place the blame where it belonged. I know why you're sitting on the fence, but it's not going to help your conscience. I know that if someone engage you in a conversation concerning " election and bloodshed " in Nigeria, you won't go way back into the South West ( Opeartion We Tie). You will mention the 2011, bloodshed that Buhari's BOYS" executed for him.

Post election violence in the South west, shouldn't have been mentioned here because, the South West people killed THEMSELVES, but, in the Northern Nigeria, they ALWAYS kill/target Southerners. Why? Why?If New York Times or CNN selects you ( paid gig) as one of the coordinators of Goodluck/Buhari debate, you'll most likely question Buhari, on his role concerning the 2011 post election violence.You don't have to write it, I know, and it's a FACT, that Northern Nigeria is the KILLING FIELD of Africa. From 60's - date, the North has killed millions of Southerners/Igbo's for NO JUST CAUSE, (if Israel and Palistenians are fighting, if a Dutch newspapers makes cartoon of mohameed, if Thisday is doing beauty pagent, If USA bombs any muslim country, etc).

I am watching you media guys in that country, especially, you South west folks, Segun, Dele, Simon & co, will be laundering Buhari's image in subtly ways, and nobody has the COURAGE to mentioned or question him about his role in the post election violence that killed YOUTH CORPERS, (if any of those corpers were related to Simon, I'm sure he would have mentioned Buhari's name in this article).The Northern muslims, are the CANCER in Nigeria, Buhari, is the problem, Jonathan, is simply "incompetent and corrupt" nobody in the Niger Delta, South East, is going to kill because of Jonathan, at worse, THEY WILL DECLARE ECONOMIC WAR, or break away from Nigeria, as they have said repeatedly. If Jonathan lose, they MIGHT resume from where they stopped ( militancy and bombing of oil installations). Asari & co are saying, "if GEJ lose, we will start militancy or break away from the republic", they've never said they going to kill anyone. 

The Northern Muslims on the other hand, is saying " we will do what we know best how to do, KILLING OF SOUTHERNERS, INFIDELS and Jonathan's SUPPORTERS. Other than killing people, What else can North do? What advantage/edge do they have? NONE and NONEBuhari, will NEVER defeat a PDP president, it's not about Jonathan, again, a PDP president will perfect the act his predecessors started. The Northern muslim generals built a very corrupt, big and lawless presidency, thinking that power will reside in their region for life, now Jonathan, will use the monster that the Northern Generals, Obasanjo and Yaradua created. If only they knew that a minority will become the president, they would have built a LESS ATTRACTIVE CENTER, INDEPENDENT INEC, and an all inclusive society that no one will see marginalization robbed on his face the way Northerners did to others. If Yardua, had the WILL and sincerity to implement Justice Uwais report. If only Obasanjo, showed decorum in his utterances of " this election is a do or die affair", if only Obasanjo, conducted one free and fair election, then, Jonathan would have had a precedent. Nigeria is bigger than Reedem church,and South west, Jonathan might be unpopular in your region, but, he's still popular and loved in many other regions. Meaning, Buhari/Osibanjo, is taking the media and South West hype so serious, let Osibanjo, go to rural areas in Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi and other Northern states, South East, south south and campaign, ( as an "infidel", i hope he make it alive). I have seen some online images of Osibanjo, doing "grassroot campaign" in BRT & shoprite, while it's a good start, I will want people to tell him to cover Nigeria, Lagos, is not Nigeria.

Finally, if there's violence after 2015 election, Simon, some of your colleagues in the media will also share in the blame, because, they'll be writing CRAP, giving Buhari and his cohorts false hope. Wake up people, Nigeria, is a 3rd world country, your election will NEVER be like Obama's. If you guys critically examine and ask your candidates questions, using Obama's (USA) standard, you will agree with me that Buhari is not qualified to contest this election, he got so much BLOOD in his hands. Jonathan got the incumbency "thing" going on for him. Ribadu, fashola and some other bright minds would have helped APC, but, APC, realized that the MONSTER ( religious violence/Boko haram), the Northern muslims created, has made the Southern people of Nigeria to care about religion. Northerners are the only ones that always have problem with RELIGION in Nigeria, and they express their bigotry in every office, forum, and platform, not just during election. If you install a MUSLIM PRESIDENT in Nigeria, today, Boko Haram, will gradually fade away ( that's the Islamization they're talking about), because the locals will not support them to keep disrupting a government ordained by "allah". Simon, Jonathan, is considered and "infidel", to them, it's just like an "infidel" calling for prayers in their mosque.I wish they Northerners are threatening to BREAK AWAY and have their own country, if Jonathan is relected, unfortunately, they can't " parasitism" 

Culled from ThisDay of Sunday 28th December, 2014


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