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The mixed feelings about the call for #30PercentOrNothing have made me reflect on the minds of our youths. Over the period of years that ...

The mixed feelings about the call for #30PercentOrNothing have made me reflect on the minds of our youths. Over the period of years that I have become politically aware, young people have always decried the level of neglect and non-inclusion in the affairs of running the nation. The older generation of leaders has made it a common slogan that the youths /younger generation are the leaders of tomorrow during campaigns.

I have lived for three decades now, which means I was born sometime in the ‘80s, and until this moment the number of youths involved in governance has steadily reduced. While i listened to Babajide Ogunsanwo on channels Tv and he gave an analysis of past leader who has had dint of leadership since the inception of the fourth republic in their early life, he gave examples of a governor in the north who became the number one citizen of his state at 35, Bukola Saraki became one also when he was 40, Suswan at the age of 42, Donald Duke at the Age of 37, most profoundly these Governors set a high bar for their predecessors. I’ll just Highlight Duke for his exemplary leadership and foresight, as a governor he foresaw that his state would loose most of his oil asset to the neighbours Akwa-Ibom. His vision was therefore to create a new goldmine for his people Tourism.

Its almost 8 years since he left government and today tourism has raked in billions of naira in revenue and with the yearly Calabar festival you can only imagine the number of ad-hoc jobs that will be created. Now in comparison to the present day leadership it is only a handful of governors that has such ideas to turn fortunes around.

The most intriguing part for me is the part where a lot of young people has come up to say the pushers of this PROJECT are Pro PDP and this is actually a grand plan orchestrated by the ruling party to infiltrate the young/youth to keep them shot while corruption thrives on. But on the contrary this Project seeks to enforce a constitutional change across political parties to engage 30 percent of its member to take up elective position across all levels of government. Bearing in mind that the cost of electioneering campaign is very high starting from party nomination forms.

Firstly if these fees for form is reduced then campaigns become an issue, based and those who buy into your ideology can co-sponsor you not for financial benefits but because they’ll feel and be key stakeholders in your government.

I have made less points in this write up because I wouldn’t want to bore my readers but let's mirror Donald Duke, Bukola Saraki and compare their stint in government to the present day.

It is left for us to a stand and make your voice heard, take up the challenge and run for a position or at best support a young credible candidate in the next election year, else we remain as political Thugs and assassins for this old age group that are currently the ruling class.

The future is now

Your thumb is your greatest resource.

Lets rally together and truly make the infants of today the future leaders of tomorrow.


By Foghi Ochuko


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