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Sola Kuti:   The emergence of a ‘nobody’ who want s  to be Lagos Gov ernor Dr. Martin  Luther King dared to dream; today, that dream is a re...

Sola Kuti: The emergence of a ‘nobody’ who wants to be Lagos Governor

Dr. Martin Luther King dared to dream; today, that dream is a reality! Sola Kuti has a dream; a dream of a better Lagos. Like Martin Luther like Sola Kuti. Young and successful, a consummate entrepreneur with a very rich CV, he is aspiring to be the next occupant of the government house in Alausa, a breath of fresh air,GLINTSTONE brings you the story of this son of a nobody who wants to be somebody


Early Life

Born to a lecturer father and a catering mother at the defunct NITEL, Sola Kuti had a modest and strict upbringing. A thoroughbred Lagos boy he attended the University of Lagos Staff School for his primary education, after obtaining hisFirst School Leaving Certificate he proceeded to St. Finbarrs College, Akoka for his secondary education before berthing at the University of Lagos for his Tertiary education. He left the shores of this country for more academic pursuit at the prestigious Middlesex University Business School in Hendon.


Life as a young man

At the relative young age of 29, he rose to become the Senior Analyst in charge of the European Networks with the American Oil Company AMOCO now BP in London. He relocated to Nigeria in 2003 to help revolutionise the business clime. It was he and his associates who helped built the first e-commerce enabled site in Nigeria. He was also responsible for the introduction of lower denomination of recharge cards in the country back in2003. For those who are familiar with the history of the Nigerian telecommunication industry during its teething stage, it was a common fact that to recharge your mobile phone back then was a herculean task as recharge cards prices run into thousands of naira. 


Philanthropy runs in his blood

For Sola Kuti, he cannot bear to see people suffer and not do anything. The milk of human kindness flows in his vein. He and his GREAT friends in just few months have raise millions of naira for people with different illnesses. He raised N2.5 Million Naira in a save baby Kenny Campaign, N1 Million for another Queen Ejoh who was suffering from a terminal disease and another N2 Million for a certain Imran.


Foray into politics

A great advocate of youth inclusion in politics, Sola Kuti foray into politics began in the year 2003 when he returned to Nigeria from his sojourn abroad. He was appointed the Senior Aide to Senator Tokunboh Ogunbanjo (representing Ogun East). He served in that capacity until 2007.

Popularly called SK by friends and business associate and in the political circlehis decision to seek political office was borne out of his tiredness of the same old stories in Nigeria politics about elected officials and political appointees at both state and federal level.

Assured of his capabilities to foster change, he recently declared his intention to run for the position of Governor of Lagos state. In his words  my name is Sola Kuti, I am running for Governor of Lagos, join me in my quest to free the great people of Lagos from the shackles of deprivation, stagnation and oppression” he said


Endorsed by the Nigerian Union of Journalists

During the recently concluded election of the Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, SK’s popularity reached sky-high as he was roundly endorsed by the Chairman of Lagos NUJ, Deji Elumoye who spoke glowingly about him.Elumoye called on all journalists to give him their support, as he is a breath of fresh air that will bring positive change to the good people of Lagos State.

With such an endorsement, SK is surely on the right track in his quest to become the next governor of Lagos state.



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