#30PercentOrNothing Gospel According To Lucabracee

My first response to the #30PercentOrNothing hash tag was that of casual pessimism, so mundane and pedestrian that I didn't bother ...

My first response to the #30PercentOrNothing hash tag was that of casual pessimism, so mundane and pedestrian that I didn't bother to find out who or what it was all about, maybe I e-shrugged. I offered at best derision at these Political activists on twitter and their morally flawed designs at entreating some absurd Political supplications off us.

However while watching a sermon on British television the Pastor, reverend or whatever interjected in his preaching that the youngest ever council person in the history of the United Kingdom was a member of the youth wing of his church, I snapped out of my self-induced reverie and pulled out my iPad.I goggled the lady's name and confirmed the Pastor, reverend or whatever's assertion..

Then in the late Fela’s immortal words I began to wonder...

Maybe there was something to this Social Media hash tag campaign after all, I then took a cursory quest meandering through the convoluted facts and fallacies bedevilling issues surrounding it, in the end I was convinced and firmly rooted in my convictions as regards nucleus of the campaign that, affirmative action is a veritable step to take forward in the journey for youth inclusion on all levels of Political participation and Governance.

Since I joined others in lending my voice to the campaign as it were, I have noticed a consistent sinew passing through the ligaments of public opinions and perceptions as regards the issue some of which I will set out to address.

The most consistent and vocal critique has been that the hash tag originated out of sectional Political self-interest solely motivated by greed for relevance. While those promoting such assertions might actually have a good point, pertinent follow on question should be to ask if 30% affirmative actions will benefit only those sectional party interests or Nigerian youths in general on the long run if constitutional amendment is achieved?

While some have been campaigning for 30% youth inclusion in their party, an obvious overwhelming majority of both Conveners and supporters have been united and consistent in their strident demand for a change in constitution underpinning legally binding youth inclusion on not just Politics but every facet of Governance. By now some will be reading this and mentally surmising that 30% is too low considering voting demographics, I fully acknowledge it is a whole lot less however putting it in context of what obtains presently it is a lot more.
Besides the agitation as it were is not an event it is a process which subsequent campaigns will build upon.

Another shoal of opinion suggests that 30% affirmative action demonstrates a defeatist and subservient mien, even suggesting that youths ought to be demanding a separate and exclusive 100% inclusion on all levels of Governance. To them I ask for a realistic plan of action to achieve this, enquiring about deconstruction of Pragmatic road map in navigating through a cult of entrenched Gerontocrats with bottomless war chest and capacity for Machiavellian ruthlessness which they are ever ready and willing to deploy in defending any slight or encroachment upon their power base.

                                                                                                                                                              The £2 coin sports an instructive quote which always resonates with me each time I see it, translating it says "Standing on the shoulder of giants"

The campaign for 30% is just a ledge pointing to several advancing rafters in the ultimate struggle, same way the African American civil right movements in the United States did not wake up one day to demand and get all the rights they enjoy now culminating in a Black President, same way the Minority ethnic group in the United Kingdom did not wake up one day to demand for all the rights they enjoy now culminating in a British Nigerian shining light, Shadow MP Chuka Ummuna it takes a dogged, consistent, negotiation to accomplish the end goal and the earlier we start on the platform of a 30% share the faster we are to achieving collective and overriding goal.

I have met and interacted with several qualified youths of varying interests,experience,qualifications,profession both inside and outside Nigeria some of who will like a chance at contesting for a Political post, I also know a lot who do not necessarily possess an interest in vying for Political post but whose experience being brought to bear in Governance as technocrats will benefit Nigeria greatly.

These set of demographics cannot afford to sit on their haunches hoping that one day the system of gerontocracy fostered upon us will suddenly fizzle out into oblivion, hence the instructive and proactive stance at this campaign which should be applauded rather than condemned and lathered in unfair suppositions not even grounded in fact.
If however youths in the opposition parties or sections of Political activists and socio Political commentators including any interested parties feel really strongly about this campaign, rather than casting unhelpful negative aspersions proffer an alternative way forward or create another campaign, in the end there are no contradictions as it is towards same end.

Lastly, advancing instances of moral failures like Dimeji Bankole is an absurd notion considering the youth demographic had absolutely no input or choice in his choosing or eventual ascension.

If gerontocrats can afford to put their Political, ethnic, gender and religious differences aside to protect a higher if parochial interest binding them, surely any perceived concerns and implied differences in the campaign should not create such a wide chasm amongst same Youth demographic?


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