Who Will Rescue Leadership Newspapers' Indebted Workers?!

  Editor's note:   Frank A. Holloway (@DrFrankHolloway) is a Psychologist, Political Analyst and Social Media commentator, his opin...

Editor's note:  Frank A. Holloway (@DrFrankHolloway) is a Psychologist, Political Analyst and Social Media commentator, his opinion posts appears on various columns of news reportage, Twitter and in English. He has covered political issues especially as regards Nigeria for years. Currently writes from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely his. The pictures (of Sam Nda-Isaiah) however credited to the respective publishers as obtained from Google.

The only thing trending more than the Ebola epidemic is news regarding leadership in Nigeria. I got a rather disturbing distress call from different workers of The Leadership Newspaper, on the tyranny going on there coupled with the surge of the call bearing the hashtag #SamPayYourWorkers on social media.

It will interest all to note that Leadership newspaper was unlike any other newspaper in Nigeria given their professionalism and balanced view. Current reports reaching us shows that several months (4-6 months) are currently owed to workers who are subjected to barbarous working conditions but due to their love for what they do, they persevered.

It will interest the public to note that this same individual (Chairman of Leadership Newspapers) Mr Sam Nda-Isaiah is an Presidential Aspirant on the platform of the privately owned opposition party APC.

When his attention was drawn to these pleas to pay the strained workers whose families are already frustrated, he responded on Facebook as copied on his Twitter handle @SamNdaIsaiah with the following:

"My attention has been drawn to innuendos directed at me by certain persons on the social media to the effect that I have not paid the salaries of LEADERSHIP Newspapers staff members for four months. For some time, I have ignored such disparaging comments, but I think it is time to put the record straight.

1. I resigned from all executive functions in LEADERSHIP four months ago.

2. That when I was the CEO for 10 years, never for once did LEADERSHIP under my direction owe any arrears in salaries.

3. That LEADERSHIP Group staff members enjoy some of the best conditions of service of any organization. It is on record that currently more than 100 staff members of the Group all over the country have official cars provided by the company. None of these cars is a loan.

4. Yes, it is true that since I resigned both as CEO and as Chairman, the company started owing salaries, but it is not true that the company currently owes up to four months salaries.

5. The salaries that are currently owed are as a result of the debts owed the company by the three tiers of government and their inability to pay is directly related to the fact that Jonathan’s government has not been paying states and Federal Government parastatals monies due to them. This year, only half of the allocations to agencies, state governments and local governments have been paid to them.

6. LEADERSHIP Group is being owed enough money to pay salaries of the entire staff for more than two years.

7.  Nonetheless, the management has assured me that it will do its utmost to pay off the salary arrears within the next 60 days, and that is ongoing as I write" - Sam Nda-Isaiah

Point blank news once carried an article by Matthew Adejoh who wrote in a piece titled "What is the Worth of the Writing of Sam Nda-Isaiah?" http://pointblanknews.com/pbn/articles-opinions/what-is-the-worth-of-sam-nda-isaiah-and-his-writings/ He has been described severally as having a niche for making wild claims amongst other unprofessional sharp practices. He also employed key diabolical tyrants of note, Mike & Azu as referred, an illiberal, despotic, intolerant executive team, who literally represents the Devil in the firm!

"To be sure, many well-meaning Nigerians who had over and again been his victims of “yellow journalism” know him too well.  Anybody who is in doubt should ask the governor of Yobe state, Ibrahim Geidam, Minister of FCT, Bala Mohammed and his predecessors in office, Senator Danjuma Goje, and those who have worked with him in LEADERSHIP.   They all have one bitter tale or the other to tell about Nda-Isaiah’s quest for questionable wealth – all in the guise of public service or advocacy journalism"- Matthew Adejoh.  

Permit me to say that Nda-Isaiah's philosophy and usual defense follows Argumentum ad hominem (Argument against the man rather than the Issue) He is that slippery, making sure someone else takes responsibility for his actions.

This you can decipher from the above response and justification for starving his staff for many months with a ready government to hang the blame on.
I choose not to delve into the statement for now while I allow the public to draw their own inference.

A credible source within the organization who pleaded for anonymity claimed that the firm is heavily indebted to six (6) or more banks and yet the staff has no word or apologies for the unpaid wages.

This is the man the All Progressives Congress APC, are caressing as a Presidential Aspirant for the Nigerian people come 2015!

Perhaps the wages and dues of the poor workers have been sacrificed at the alter of negotiation for his presidential bid with the King of Bourdillon himself, the Political Alibaba and his Keratoconjuctivitis team of plunderers causing the masses economic broncho-dilation!

All we can do for all these men of feeble characters committing sacrilegious apostasy across the political firmament is to note them keenly and wish them Goodluck

The Hashtag lives on #SamPayYourWorkers

Frank A. Holloway 


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