Wedding Photos That Makes You Say Hmmm

#1. Not Blushing Bride Weddings are the beginnings of a beautiful new life together. Having a great photographer at your wedding le...

#1. Not Blushing Bride
Weddings are the beginnings of a beautiful new life together. Having a great photographer at your wedding lets you capture the tender and sweet moments of your wedding, such as your first dance. Sometimes brides have a little fun with their bridesmaids at the photographer’s expense. This set of bridesmaids have gotten a little “cheeky,” flashing the camera. As for the bride, she’s clearly not fazed!

#2. Wild Acts
These girls are not afraid to get wild and crazy! It just got real! This isn’t a wedding photo that focuses on the bride’s beauty, but rather her wedding party having a bit of fun. I have to compliment them on the beautiful outfits, but it’s their care-free attitude that stands out the most. Flash a bit of leg or butt any day, ladies!

#3. With This Ball I Thee Wed
This has got to be one of the funniest Wedding Cake toppers we’ve seen. This was a must to include in this gallery. If you thought you were chained down before marriage, welcome to the club! With the “I Do” comes the ball and chain – Don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about!

#4. Charlie's Angels Bang Bang 
This Charlie’s Angels style shoot is hilarious! Literally – the layout, colors and setting has really captured the feel of the grooms getting shot down by the bridesmaid’s while trying to save the groom from that secret kiss. Reminds us of the Nancy Sinatra song, “Bang Bang.”

#5. Flower Girl Melt Down
This is a beautifully shot photo of a very unhappy flower girl. Who knows the reason why she is unhappy, but the photographer captured all of her emotion in one shot. You’d usually see the bride wailing at her wedding, but not the flower girl. We hope someone made this little girl take a nap afterwards.

#6. Forever in Machomony
This is a beautiful dress, but the arms are a bit unsightly. The bride is posed with her arms behind her back, and they’ve decided to be a little goofy with this macho display. This is a peculiar and clever picture. When you first glance at it, you think it might be a man in a wedding dress, then you notice the slender torso. A couple that plays together like this will probably stay together!   

Now you know the various ways in which you can spice up your bridal train pix. Why not send us your unique bridal train poses just maybe you might make our column next week ( 

Wishing all brides & bride to be a blissful marital Life!



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