Standing Against Terrorism?

The news linking APC to terrorism did not come to many Nigerians as a surprise, however APC quick at issuing empty threats against t...

The news linking APC to terrorism did not come to many Nigerians as a surprise, however APC quick at issuing empty threats against those that labeled them as brains behind terrorism calls for genuine concern.
Their responses are usually weak, filled with character assassination/blackmail and not convincing on the need to wave the allegations aside. We are talking about National security that is devoid of political sentiments and coming from the Nation's State Security Service.When will APC as a Political party Stop avoiding the allegations raised by prominent Nigerians and currently the DSS and quit using propaganda to attack DSS and others?
Ogar is just a spokesperson of DSS and whenever she speaks, she acts on behalf of whatever findings the DSS has made; be it true or false.
All the People our DSS has come out to tell Nigerians as having a link with terrorism were 101% correct and the last been the brain behind Emab bomb blast in Abuja and not forgetting Nyanya bomb attack. All these findings were made possible by this same DSS that has now linked APC to terrorism.
So why should DSS sudden statement against APC be wrong? Is it because the DSS was bold enough to come out and say it as investigations must have established or are the APC now above the laws of the land and every evil committed by their Members as alleged by DSS must be ignored?
Why is the APC threatening Court action rather than give the DSS their usual 7days ultimatum to come out with their facts on how APC is linked with Terrorism or face court actions?Why are Nigeria media questioning her statement as partisan, rather than mounting pressure on DSS to make public their findings and do the needful after the various successes made by them against terrorism with few examples listed above lately?
Seriously, are we that forgetful as a Nation or what?
How serious are we as a Nation against Terrorism? Must everything be politics even when the Devil is exposed?
Na Wah o! - Culled from EBI K. ALAGBA'S Facebook Post

I really can not fathom the shallow mindedness of the genus of "learned" folks of today. Acta exteriora indecent interiora secreta (8 C0. 146)- External actions show internal secrets.

The law to the best of my practical and theoretical cognizance in most cases, judges of a man's (or group, society) previous intentions by his subsequent acts; and on this principle it was resolved in a well known case, that , if a man abuse an authority given him by law, he becomes a tresspasser ab nitio, but if he abuse an authority given him by the party, he does not (The Six Carpenters' Case, 8 Rep. 290).

Given the desperation of the party (APC) following various violent antics of threats, inciting, propaganda peddling, promotion of hoaxes, disturbance of peace, thug caravanning, terroristic ideological synchrony amongst other vices that need not be found in any organization or publicly subscribed political party (though not in the case of APC as it has been proven times without numbers that it is privately owned and controlled unitarily by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,  a man of momentous, exigent feeble and questionable character.) aiming for the highest seat of power in our nascent democracy.

The public should be wary and not buy into their gimmicks of dissension. A lot is expected though from Alhaji Lai Mohammed who I personally thought to be a right thinking man under the wrong authority of a usurper, who will desperately sacrifice the unity and peace of the entire populace just so his pet (the only factor yet to be given an office within his household) can the succeeding Governor of a state while he sits on the throne of the country. A dream that can only be fulfilled in his personal nightmare!

Editor's note: Frank A. Holloway (@DrFrankHolloway) is a Psychologist, Political Analyst and Social Media commentator, his opinion posts appears on various columns of news reportage, Twitter in English. He has covered political issues especially as regards Nigeria for years. Currently writes from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely his. The pictures are however credited to the respective publishers as obtained from Google.


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