Did Tinubu use his 'broom" to chase Ribadu to the Umbrella party?

Editor's note:   Theresa Ugwuanyi is a Blogger and SocialMedia commentator, her opinion posts appears on Facebook and in Engli...

Editor's note:  Theresa Ugwuanyi is a Blogger and SocialMedia commentator, her opinion posts appears on Facebook and in English. She has covered political issues especially as regards Nigeria for years. She's currently working on her book covering her endeavors. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely hers. The illustration however are those published in ThisDay Newspaper by Asukwo used here without permission.

"In 1834, Lincoln ran again for the state legislature, and this time he won. Even the Democrats supported him. His strategy had worked: he issued no platform statement, made no promises, and gave few speeches. Instead, he shook hands, told jokes, and visited nearly every family in the county. He ran and won again in 1836, 1838, and 1840. Once in office, his Whig leanings came early to the front as he supported internal improvements and the chartering of a state bank."

This is an excerpt on the political successes and strategies of Abrahim Lincoln, I wish some of our leaders would imbibe some of these strategies..we have no schools of thoughts presently..which philosophy or ideology do our present crop of leaders have? What did Obasanjo bring into politics? Do or die politics? This is just my own way of passing out an unsolicited advice to our politicians..

Please do have ideological focus, the opposition system of politics in my dear country is without ideology. Some of the leaders from this divide who claim to belong to some, schools of thought or movement have little or nothing to show for what they claim to practice..when I look at Atiku Abubakar, one thing comes readily in mind..desperation for power, is it Buhari or Nuhu Ribadu who contested as President of Nigeria, lost it, has been a strong voice of the opposition, but who has sadly just moved over to the ruling party so he can contest for a lower position all because he wants to serve? If he truly believes in service to his fatherland, what makes him think moving over to the ruling party is the only way he can realise his dream? The other day it was Prof Pat Utomi who after failing to win the presidency twice has expressed interest to run for the Delta Gubernatorial position, is it just a quest for power? What does Tinubu represent as a leader? I really wish these people and more who reason like them could start at the grassroots before aiming for the top and not the other way round..what legacies or lessons are these politicians leaving for the huge young follower ship they enjoy?

Theresa Ugwuanyi


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