#30PercentOrNothing For Idiots! (And Naysayers Alike)

Following the trend of last Sunday and the continuous motion of the proposition across social media platforms and conversations on...

Following the trend of last Sunday and the continuous motion of the proposition across social media platforms and conversations on the streets of Nigeria, it can be inferred most definitely that the cause/proposition is unstoppable. Supported by growing numbers of people from different platforms and political divides across the country.

It became necessary to break down the proposition as simple as possible without actually being simplistic for those who need further enlightenment as well as those set in their ways about the impossibility of anything good materializing in our British inspired but divinely endowed Nigeria.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau. 
"It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?"- Henry David Thoreau
It has been a subject of discuss amongst many, "When will the future come?" especially for youths in their late 30s or early 40s. When we were little we hear the future belongs to us and we chant names of leaders then in our current affairs, only for years to go by after we have become fathers ourselves, to realize the huge scam depicting the fact that the future is, but a forlorn hope for us.  As most of the same stock of leaders way back then are still in the ruling circle, clamoring for re-election.

The import of the youths seem to be worthy of consideration during elections, which in my opinion is a grave injustice and abuse of the potentials of these most populated demography, making up to about 70% of the total population of the country itself.

Ali George, Convener #30PercentOrNothing
Ali George (@aligthebaptist) a prominent social commentator on Twitter led the cause (proposition) in partnership with several credible youths, professionals and leadership voices, which turned into a positive sensation trending on Twitter and still taking up major chunk of discuss globally.

What is it all about in a simple sense?

It can simply be described as a proposition for effective representation, Involvement and inclusion of the youths in government (Parliament, State & Federal Government) to a minimum of 30% in elective offices as well as Government's political appointments.

In other words, the youths are building the efforts to inculcate political responsibility and develop interest amongst their peers in the affairs of Nation building.

Based on the current primitive political activities void of ideology preponderant in the country, the youths wish to set a pace by serving in any capacity in an exemplary manner. This is not to say that the very best would not be considered, but to further stress the need to recognize the repository of potentials in the youth populace. It would mean that government will provide (if passed) enabling environment and waivers for the youths. It is to further abolish the corrupt practices of tethering aspirants to Godfathers thus fanning the flames of corruption in public offices, in most cases where huge funds are required to obtain necessary forms of interest.

This is the argument basically, stripped of all encumbrances, nebulosity and ambiguity. It goes further in interpretation as it applies to political parties, independent youth party, registration of interests, association of youth forums etc. "The Turks of the Thought" provides a leeway for freedom of expression and government support for the legitimacy of waivers that can effectively elevate the interest of the youths in partisan politics. This is not to say or announce a revolution, neither is it a call for enthronement of lawlessness, but specifically to signify the thoughtfulness of this demography, their maturity and interest in Nation building.

We are however not pleading or begging for inclusion but demanding from the government of our Fatherland to secure the future of our Nation, in other to set appropriate parameters, for the greatness of any nation can only be determined by the quality of investment in the condition of its youths of this day and the legacy they leave also for their children.

The society plays a huge role in all these, as this remain the repository for future leaders. It is easy to give in to skeptics and cynics but "Common sense is never more than an amalgam of past clarities and confusions; the defenders of common sense are unlikely to enlighten us." I personally have spent considerable time to listen to ignorant discuss of the loudest critics who were but empty in all sense of the word. We can not continue to talk about our problems when we can act decisively as One indivisible unit.
It may not necessarily take the form of seeking accommodation within the existing parties and their structures, but create a unifying platform (Movement or youth political party) that can monitor, govern and galvanize the proposition till we have the necessary effective awareness and following which; "Ensures the emergence of a suitably qualified effective and talented leadership by a critical mass of highly informed and enlightened followers, that are easy to govern, difficult to rule and impossible to enslave"- The Future Movement, SEGA et al.
We must begin to chart the course of our future in the global community as trivializing such is merely the construct of a debilitating foundation that will gear the irrelevance of the Nation competitively in the foreseeable future. It is not a novel thought as such but according to Winston Churchill;
“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” -Winston Churchill.
Our leaders and people had been characterized typically as thriftlessly gay (happy for nothing), vainly excitable, lacking in self control, discipline and foresight, Full of personal vanity with little sense of veracity (we believe all we see and hear without subjecting facts to inquiry), fond of music, with thoughts concentrated on events and feelings of the moment. We are said to suffer from the apprehension for the future or grief of the past. We lack the power of organization, and conspicuously deficient in the management and control alike of man or business. Finally, we love the display of power, but fails to realize its responsibility (see The Dual Mandate (1926 by Lord Frederick Lugard (Governor General of Nigeria 1912-1918).

The question I'm asking, having verified and confirmed these traits across boards is, "Are we ready for Change?" This must not remain true for yet another generation! 

Permit me to say with all decorum and sense of responsibility that we have provided the arguement and are not obliged to effect understanding. We believe in the cause and will continue to advance it till our Change comes.

Though we love the truth and our friends, reverence is due to the truth above our friends." - Aristotle
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