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Wind Power Generation Wind is the fastest growing energy in the world. It is believ...

Wind Power Generation
Wind is the fastest growing energy in the world. It is believed that the wind that can be used for power generation is upto 10 million MW which is almost 10 folds of the total capacity of hydraulic power generation in the whole world. The present total capacity of coal burning power generation in the whole world only accounts for one third of the capacity of wind power. Therefore, the utilization of wind power and the exploration of new energy are becoming increasingly popular both at home and abroad.
The advantage of wind power lies in the fact that the doubled capacity will lead to a 15% of cost decrease. In recent years, the utilization of wind-driven facilities becoming localized and the scale of wind power generation being expanded in China, the cost of wind power generation is believed to decrease in the future. Therefore, wind power generation has become a good mine for a great many of investors.
Solar Power Generation
The most promising new energy
Solar power, serving as one of the cleanest and cheapest energies on earth, deserves our concern. Having strategically allied with the renowned European company, ECO, Runh Power is growing to be an innovative solar power system supplier and operator of solar power plants in global market.
Hydraulic Power Generation
Hydropower is currently the only renewable energy source that can deliver power on an industrial scale at competitive prices. About a six of all of the power produced worldwide is generated using hydropower.
Runh Power provides a full-line service in the field of hydropower, with range covering large hydropower plants, pumped storage power plants, and small hydropower plants.
Geothermal Power Generation
Geothermal power is a promising alternative to conventional power production. Different from wind and solar based energy, geothermal power is independent on weather conditions and can be used all year round. This makes it suitable as base load.
Runh Power is dedicated to providing the full spectrum of geothermal power plants–from the turbine/generator package to turnkey plant, so as to meet the specific requirements and needs of customer.


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