How To Make 70% profits in 60 Seconds

How anyone can make 70% profits in 60 Seconds The days of slick gel haired, pin striped, suited and booted wide boy city Trader ...

How anyone can make 70% profits in 60 Seconds

The days of slick gel haired, pin striped, suited and booted wide boy city Trader types is coming to an end according to brokerage firm 8Binary, as they see a huge surge of day traders visiting their Trading Platform and opening accounts.
Most of these day traders are people who have never traded before in their life and with Bronze accounts available for as little as a $250 deposit (around £150), it’s no wonder ordinary people find 8Binary so appealing, including postmen, sales assistants and housewives.
The way trading works on 8Binary‘s Trading Platform is simple;
The trader makes 4 simple choices:
1. Choose an asset from over 90 available., including Gold, Google Shares, EUR/USD currency pairs and indices like the FTSE;
2. Pick a time frame -60 seconds, 15 minutes to 1 hour.
3. An amount to invest in the trade. This can range from $5 to $2000 depending on how confident the Trader is.
4. Predict if the price of this Asset will go UP or DOWN in that time frame. And that’s it!
If the Trader is correct, then they walk away with 60-318% on investment. Not bad for 60 seconds work!
Unlike other forms of Trading that are available, 8Binary is accessible to everyone of ANY level experience. Even if the Trader has never traded before, 8Binary is simple enough to master in a very short time frame.
Unlike FOREX trading which involves the Trader having to master countless tools and strategies and keep records and tabs on spreads, stop-loss, leverage, margins, interest rates, hidden costs of the Broker, while at all times baring in mind that they will only make profits on how severe the pip movements are, 8Binary Traders need only focus on the Asset moving in one of two directions – up or down.
Even if the movement is no more than 1 tenth of pip up or down, the 8Binary Trader makes the maximum payout or lose only that which the Trader has invested in that one Trade. The 8Binary Trader will never be in a negative equity position where they are in debt to the Broker.
The 8Binary Trader has the maximum level of control in every Trading position. He can control the risk and the reward and is able to calculate the potential payouts and loses at the start of every trade.
8Binary Traders are able to focus on the Market and the Assets they want to invest in while at all times confident that they are in control of the investment they are about to make. This is the biggest appeal for beginner Traders who want to capitalise on market movements and also for experienced Traders who know how to make the most of their experience and knowledge.
Unlike FOREX trading, the 8Binary Trader does not need to download any platforms like MT4 or require specialist technology or expensive hardware. 8Binary trading platform are web based and accessible from the Brokers website, or if required downloadable as an App on smart phones and tablets. It’s no wonder so many non-traders are joining this Trading revolution.
To find out more about 8Binary click here. We wish you the very best in prosperity.


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